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Day 8 Connecting emotions to symptoms

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by birder, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. birder

    birder Well known member

    First, I’m just gonna get this off my chest: my brain can only hold so many user name-password combos! Apparently I’ve exceeded my cerebral limit. So every time I want to post something, I have to reset my password. Is this another symptom? Hahaha!
    It’s been a long journey through bizarre symptoms, mega-major life events, physical catastrophes and nonlinear recoveries, an ill-fated foray into medical interventions and the TMS diagnosis, which I gave lip service to but now realize how much I was holding back. I was AMA born and raised, and it’s like asking a carnivore to try a nice tofu burger – you might pretend it’s all that, but inside you crave your ribeye and mashed. Finally God in her wisdom started knocking me over the head with the connection between what I was feeling – or not allowing myself to feel – and how my brain was responding with sensations, many of them frightening, some of them just . . . bizarre. I had to laugh at the odd things my brain was coming up with. And once I started to laugh at those, it got a lot easier to laugh at the scary ones. Taking it all less seriously has been huge for me. Because it means any day can be a good day, independent of how my body feels. And that makes me smile when I wake up in the morning, which is everything.

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