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Confused and needing guidance

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by omen007, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. omen007

    omen007 Newcomer

    Hi. I am a newbie to TMS but am hopeful it will set me on the path to getting back to normal. At the beginning of year I started having unattributed back pain, chronic sciatica to the point I could have puked. It took an mri to indicate L5s1 paracentral prolapse as the possible cause.

    Now I elected for conservative care and was making great progress when I had a relapse again for no clear reason....i think I just stretched in the gym changing room...and there I was back to a stiff back, immobile and more sciatica! I am post 3 weeks now and things are mobilising and the pain is settling but I am in fear of another relapse and a submission to surgery which I dont want. I have started reading Sardanos book and beginning to consider anxiety and stress as the red flags as I am stressed and anxious. I have elected to work with a physio who does phsyco a s a combined therapy as I feel I need someone to talk to and the mechanics of the physio seem to at least relax me....

    How should I approach what I think is clearly TMS and get back to doing the cycling, running that I get a buzz from.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Well you are already doing it.

    Read the Book, identify with the description, and see it in your own life.
    I hopeyou are reading 'Healing Back Pain' which was my personal fave, as it is laid out in order very nicely. It all specifically dealt with back pain.
    Sarno also wrote 'the divided mind' 'mind over backpain' and 'the mindbody prescription'. All really good books but dealing with a lot larger variety of mindbody issues.

    Get moving, Re-educate your mind about what pain means, return to activity.

    You'll begin to reach certain spots where you'll go 'aha!' and realize what was going on in your life when the pain happened. You'll also start to notice certain things tend to exacerbate and ameliorate the symptoms. then your brain will go 'Uh-oh... he's on to us'...and the pain will go away.

    Use the time with the Shrink to discuss things that caused/cause anger. Rage is usually the key buried issue.

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