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Concussions and TMS? Any personal anecdotes

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by wastinglight, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. wastinglight

    wastinglight New Member

    I got a concussion last weekend in a car accident. Last time I had one, it took 8 months to go away, and probably would have lasted longer or forever if I never went to Cognitive FX in Utah. This leads me to believe that my symptoms at that point were TMS, and CFX was a way of facilitating a belief that I was structurally okay and I could let go of my symptoms.

    flash forward to now, and I’m scared as hell that I’ll have to do months and months of recovery again. Or that TMS doesn’t exist for concussions and my only way out of this will be to fly to Utah again for 10 thousand dollar treatment.

    has anyone ever experienced a concussion or post concussion episode as it relates to TMS? I understand my injury is still fresh (about 4 days out) so I should give it more time before I take the TMS route. I guess part of what I am wondering is, does anyone have any clues as to how long it takes the brain to physically heal from concussion, even if symptoms remain?

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