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coin flipping

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by miquelb3, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. miquelb3

    miquelb3 Well known member

    Life is full of difficulties, vicissitudes and adverse situations. Without pause you have to (must!) flip your coin in order to go ahead. But you are the coin! A coin with a extremely hight value: billions and billions of "dollars".
    But your traits of personality are splitted. In one side of the coin are the "good" ones (Dr. Jekyll): empathetic, courageous, clever, responsible, civilizated, hard worker, achiever, goodist,....
    But in the oder side the coin contains all your "bad", embarrassing, menacing, unspeakable traits (Mr. Hyde): lazy, self-deprecating, childish, primitive, coward, stupid, self-cheating, arrogant and so on.
    Every time your coin (you!) are in the air your are terrified. Head or tail?
    If the coin fails in the bad, ugly, nasty side you are emotionally/psychologically devastated. You are in front of your worse part!
    But, and more "dangerous": people (society, parents, family, bosses, friends,...) will see you "imperfections and weakeness", your "sins". You will be tried and sentenced. And you will be separed, ostracised, deprecated, isolated,...
    That's the ultimate cause of your fear, guild, shame, ... and RAGE, lots of rage and ANGER.
    You try to suppress that "defective" side of the coin,... but that's impossible, because will mean the destruction of that immensely valuable coin: YOU.
    But suddenly a weird "fog" comes in order to hide the result of your constant coin flipping: pain. You becomes covered, sheltered, protected,... but also confounded. You can't see if your "bad side" is exposed, you can suppose (self-cheating!) that the coin always fails in the "correct" side. But the price to pay is high: CHRONIC PAIN.
    What a conundrum!
    In order to get out of that escape room you have just put in practice one thing: FULL AND TOTAL ACCEPTATION, not only of the difficulties, vicissitudes and adverse situations that you have to confront throughout your life... but also, and specially, of your "bad, shameful, childish, stupid, authomatic, irreflexive,..." emotional reactions to them, with sincere, real and deep INDEFERENCE towards the possibly severe and "destructive" judgement from others.
    No more self-heatred! Never again.
    Inasmuch: no fear that your felt anger, not repressed, rage will bring you to truly antisocial and/or criminal behaviours. Your chronic pain, your enormous need of repressing and hidding your "bad side" is the best guaranty of your excellence as "good people" and human being... despite your "unbearable bad side".
    Relax, accept absolutely your (our) DUAL human condition ... and enjoy a full life. Please, please,...!!!

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