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Chronic Testicular Pain (long read)

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ben117, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Zerkon

    Zerkon New Member

    Thank you. So glad you are getting better. As long as I am convinced it is benign, I won't worry about it.
  2. Zerkon

    Zerkon New Member

    Thank you. So glad you are getting better. As long as I am convinced it is benign, I won't worry about it.
  3. Alfredoflrs

    Alfredoflrs Newcomer

    Thanks fridaynotes...I ve been having pain for 4 month now, it come and goes mostly in the mornings, and i noticed that the pain changes the place a little bit also I started to suspect it was stress related, but I Went to a doctor to discard something like cancer...the first doctor told me it was Just an inflamation, then went to another doctor and he told me that it was varicocele but there was no need to surgery, if I could deal with the pain, that time something clicked in My mind and I made the connection to the escoleosis example ...and I came here to see if anybody has talked about it ...and thanks again now Im pretty sure it is Tms, the strange thing is that i see doctors telling patients to go to surgery, thankfully mine didnt
  4. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    I know I posted this back in 2016 but have any of you tried wearing a jock strap for a few weeks in lieu of your underwear? When I had this I of course thought terrible thoughts by my urologist convinced me it’s due to inflammation within the groin into the lower abdomen in later stages. Elevating the testicles somehow helps reduce the inflammation. I faced these issues in my 20’s and this did help for 3 week stints. I am 41 now and still can feel a dull/heavy pain in my left testicle but am able to ignore it since I know if it gets bad I have a process for healing if I need it.

    Just remember, your TMS can make a small and common pain feel 100 times worse than it really is. I have learned that the hard way. There are things in life that you will have that are real issues and then real TMS where you have nothing wrong but feel pain that is brought on by your mind and your mind only.

    Sore balls are fairly common so trying a few changes like the jock strap or ditching boxers for awhile might help even though they go against TMS logic of not associating remedies with mind based pain.

    Great, now my left testicle is hurting!
  5. DwightD

    DwightD New Member

    I remember all too well how the wrong underwear would be painful. I'm happy to say I can wear any underwear, tight jeans etc so there is hope. I can't say I'm 100% but probably 80-90 percent which is very manageable. For me the symptoms improved once I accepted I had TMS and nothing else wrong. I started doing the activities I had given up, stopped looking for cures, and stopped obsessing over my condition. I know its easier said then done but you have to really believe what you have is TMS and then try to forget about it. I sincerely wish you a recovery I know you can have.
  6. Pauline

    Pauline Newcomer

    Hi My son is 15 and his story sounds like yours .We are desperate for help but are just passed from one gp to another with antibiotics and now just morphine .How can i explain the benefits of tms to him .We also live in UK .
  7. Ben117

    Ben117 New Member

    Hi Pauline,

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s problem. And sorry to everyone else who has been posting on this thread who I haven’t responded to - I haven’t been keeping up with it, partly, I think, because it was a difficult part of my life that I don’t want to dwell on too much.

    As far as explaining the benefits of TMS to your son, I’m not sure I’m the right person to do that - there are many more experienced and knowledgeable people on this forum who I’m sure can you help you with that.

    However, I can give him some advice. I am now 100% better. The issue that dominated my life, and obsessed my every waking moment, is now completely gone. I can’t even remember exactly when it went, it just did. I reached a point where I just decided to stop letting it dominate my life, and started to focus on other things.

    During this time, the pain would still be there, but I didn’t let it stop me doing anything, and tried my best not to obsess over it. Of course, this is very hard - and I failed and failed and failed, and felt like I was getting nowhere. But in time, it worked, and one day it was gone.

    If there’s one bit of information your son needs to know it is this:

    Your pain WILL get better.

    As impossible as it might seem at this moment, sooner or later all this pain and doctors visits will just be a distant memory.

    Of course, any medical issue needs to be properly investigated, but if you’ve been through the works already - as it sounds like you have - just move on. Go outside, go for a run, a swim, see your friends, read a book. Find something else to obsess over. Accept your pain is there now, but accept that it will go.

    You might not be ready to do this yet - but sooner or later you will be, and you will get better.
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  8. Pauline

    Pauline Newcomer

    Thank you so much for that .I will show him this x
  9. Deane

    Deane Newcomer

    Thank you I was delighted to find this forum I was seriously contemplating suicide over this pain i read it two days ago felt mentally better straight away so I brought my family on holiday much appreciated but unfortunately only lasted one day back home now crying in pain long driving is a killer I’m sick searching google sick praying I’ve lost my job my dignity and probably my marriage I’ve been to A and E 7 times wore out two GPS plus have to go pay private urologist tomorrow for a guess diagnosis I’m 38 and my life is over I really don’t care if they cut them off at this stage not cumming the rest of my life I will gladly do to keep my family sick of it now i had this condition back in 2005 lasted 10 months was playing bowling in tight jeans bad mistake now it’s back again over3 months just finished antibiotics to no avail God help the people who suffered this before medicine I’m going to try harder with TMS if theirs no answers tomorrow I post this as a thanks any more advice much appreciated thanks again
  10. Pauline

    Pauline Newcomer

    My son has now been referred for a denervation of the spermatic cord operation. Has anyone else had this. I have just taken him tonight for acupuncture and herbal remedies in the hope it can ease his pain and give him something to focus on .
  11. balancedanswers

    balancedanswers Newcomer

    Thanks for posting this almost 4 years ago now! I had very similar symptoms, left testicle, towards the back, left side and perenium area. It started a few weeks after a car accident. CT Scan, DRE and ultrasound of testicles revealed nothing. New to this forum and this way of thinking.
  12. joe house

    joe house Peer Supporter

    Four year update on my testicle pain issue it turned out to be caused by my pudendal nerve which was being affected by my Pelvic Floor disfunction, my pelvic floor was extremely tight cause by stress and mostly by SI joint dysfunction. I constantly go out of alignment causing stress on the pelvic floor and a constant effort to stabilize, which in turn when it got bad enough would trap or irritated my pudendal nerve. I went into pelvic floor therapy which confirmed my issue and thanks to therapy it did improve. It also turned out that I had an infection in my perineum which made the issue way worse. Once the infection was treated my life got much better. However, the infection did come back and I did have to have surgery to get rid of it. Good luck everyone hang in there !

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