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Chronic pelvic pain three years

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Sarika, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Sarika

    Sarika New Member

    Hi I started reading this site a week ago.

    I had left thyroid removed from surgery four years ago. The following year I developed a pelvic pain on my left side only. During this time I had a very stressful job and I was raising two children. My thyroid level I was told was fine.

    I went in for my pelvic pain, the doctors found a tumor in my intestines, in a totally different location. I got the tumor removed but I was devastated. I felt I cannot be a good mom any more. After surgery, I found out my tumor was cancerous but since it was removed, I did not have to get any chemo. I was cancer free after the surgery but the nagging groin pain persisted and the pain spread to my abdominal area which was very debilitating. I read someone's post saying that they were sweating in pain and that's exactly how I was.

    Did PT, visceral manipulation, acupuncture, osteopath in two countries. The osteopath told me that I probably have adhesions from the surgery. So last summer I received an exploratory surgery to see if there are any adhesions from removing my tumor. However the surgeon told me my inside had healed amazingly and that there were no adhesions. I went out-of-state for the surgery and was disappointed again. My pain was unbearable.

    I read the information about Tms personality and can relate to the perfectionist personality. It is not that my house is superclean and I am a perfect mom but I have standards and if I cannot meet my standards I really feel stressed.

    I started the program last week on vaca and I felt better but today I went to the gym and it was hard to ignore the pain.

    Last week I went off lyrica and flexeril, I felt confident. And I know it is working however the second week of doing TMS therapy on the Internet, I feel I have a lot of pain until 11 AM Amd feel that I need to be laying down and doing deep breathing until I am calm.

    I wanted to ask how to ignore the pain during vigorous excersise. Any advice will b appreciated.
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    The best advice on ignoring pain during vigorous exercise I can suggest comes from reading
    Steve Ozanich's book, THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION. He ignored his pain when he kept
    playing golf and was active.

    It looks to me that TMS is helping you. Keep being positive that it is.
    Deep breathing is wonderful. Every book or web site I go to for healing and relaxing
    says to practice deep breathing. When I'm stressed, just a few deep breaths from the belly
    calm me down. It's amazing how fast it works.

    Being a perfectionist (I am also one) is a real pain, literally. I've learned to expect less of myself.
    I still do twice or more than most everyone else, while slowing down on my perfectionism.
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  3. Sarika

    Sarika New Member

    Hi Walt,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I was shocked you called me "positive" because I had only been negative for the past few years with all the pain and unknown cause!

    I will check out that book you mentioned after I finish Dr. Sarno's book.

    I will work on meditation and breathing.

    The morning is stressful because I have a hard time waking up and I have to get kids ready to go. Now the kids are older but when they were in kindergarten to third grade they were so slow I had to yell at them to hurry up, Yet they would forget lunch. Maybe it's a conditioned response.

    I'm going to see a tms doctor this week. I will update.
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