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Chronic pain to mental pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Bennyvk, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Bennyvk

    Bennyvk New Member

    Hi I'm Ben I have suffered from tms for years now starting with lower back pain, on to a hernia, then cts, everytime I would develop a new symptom I would read sarnos books again and it would go away. But now its became horrible OCD and anxiety then leading to depression. Now just seeking some help. And need some reassurance that its tms and I'm fine
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I actually suffered from OCD terribly in childhood. Rituals, bloody knuckles, the whole deal. It subsided when I discovered drugs and alcohol. When I finally sobered up and became 'adult' (whatever that means) I came down with TMS with a BANG!

    After I recovered from TMS I had a rage issue and went and got counseling. I had a great Psych who had done his grad work on OCD and after a few sessions he had me write him a list of symptoms going back as far as I could remember. Said I was 'textbook' OCD and gave me some awesome coping strategies which still work so I needn't go drink it away , OR get new symptoms.

    But Yes. Sarno even uses OCD as a comparison in 'Healing Back Pain' and that explanation was a huge 'aha' for me. In fact I usually call TMS 'ocd of the body' when describing it.

    In OCD the whole intrusive thought/repetition/binding the anxiety circle is in place to defend/distract you from what is REALLY troubling you.... the exact same mechanism that TMS uses.... attention getting symptom/conditioning/Fear and obsession.

    Identical twins, Huh?

    ...and the fact that it went away during the tumultuous part of my life was another 'clue'. When I was creating so much pain and drama in my teens and twenties I didn't need any distraction... the court system and getting my butt kicked took care of that!

    and depression is a natural reaction. Who wouldn't be bummed about repetitive hellish thoughts, pain and undealt with emotion? That's why this process changes us from the inside out... and YES you can win, and you will. I have and I am nobody special other than one lucky s.o.b.

    keep looking for the REAL issue and find spiritual wholeness and the whole thing will vanish like smoke!
  3. Bennyvk

    Bennyvk New Member

    Thank you!!

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