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chronic pain and aichmophobia

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mbo, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. mbo

    mbo Well known member

    hi there,

    my brother has chronic pain (hands, arms, shoulder, back) .... and also fear of sharp objects (knives, scisors, needles,....). He is afraid of cutting or stabbing himself and of injuring someone else. I think he has an strong suspicion of the "perverse intentions" of your inner Mr Hyde, of your shadow. He lives terrified of the mere possibility of "losing control", of materializing his "dark thoughts" and of becoming a criminal.
    In my humble opinion there is a clear and direct relationship between those emotions and his inexplicable pain. His aichmophobia is an obvious and strong signal of his necessity and capacity of repressing menacing and unbearable feelings and emotions. His chronic pain is the result of the protecting activity of his brain. He has a huge fear of being not good enough, rejected, despised, segregated, criticised,... by the others, even the most beloved. The connection made with fear of knives and fear of being a "bad person" should be extended to his whole life: fear of failure, lack of confidence, self hatred, self-sabotaging, self-deprecating,... In that case the pain is a substitute for his enormous rage of being "so stupid" having that multiple irrational fears. Actually he doesn't feel such huge amount of anger. He is just aware of his sadness (the point of the iceberg?) for his unhealthy and desperate condition.

    Please help me with words of hope I could translate to my beloved brother.

    Thanks a lot.

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