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Chronic neck pain from TMS it structural problem ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by marine89, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    So I have a question regarding pain and linking it to a structural issue. Does the fact you are able to provoke an audible crack in your neck/back in the area and same side of your pain indicate some kind of structural problem w a joint etc. Is it possible a joint is damaged or there is some sort of instability there? If you can consistently cause a cracking sound or a feeling like something’s slipping by applying pressure in the painful spot If your neck while putting your ear to shoulder, can TmS or tension cause something like this? A facet joint problem or instability etc is said by many Drs to not show up on mri/ct scans! Any feedback on this would be cool!
  2. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    This could totally be caused by TMS. Tension and tightening in the muscles of your neck can cause the ligaments to not move as smoothly over bones etc. This is harmless and when you relax about it, it should naturally resolve.
  3. Avnita Suri

    Avnita Suri Peer Supporter


    Here's my opinion. Facet joint problem is arthritic-like and arthritis is okay to have and can be dealt with mind / body healing. Feel safe that working on the emotions and beliefs is really what's needed. Give that your best shot. That means that you need to do emotional work. Here is what I suggest:

    1. Have a think what was going on in your life when the pain started. Can you sort that out? Our symptoms are mere signposts of where to look for healing. When you sort out the direct link in your life that caused the pain you'll get the relief.
    2. Try journaling as suggested
    3. Do some affirmations like, "The pain is coming from my emotions"

    What I'm saying is that most of the time, it's ok to have structural abnormalities. Many of us will have them and get no symptoms. That's where you want to be, like Dr Sarno said. The pain is still coming from your life.

    Of course, you should get new pain checked with the doctor first, just in case there's something urgent that needs addressing. In 95%+ cases there's nothing untoward; it's emotional, but I'm saying in case you're in the very small minority.

    I hope this makes sense. If not, let me know.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2020
  4. Sweetdaisy

    Sweetdaisy Peer Supporter

    Hi, how have you been? Did those sensations and cracks resolve ? I’m experiencing the same . I watched your video with Dan Buglio. Very encouraging! I hope you’re still doing well! I’m just curious if the cracks resolved with your recovery.

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