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chronic left upper abdominal pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by niknnak99, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. niknnak99

    niknnak99 Newcomer

    hi everyone,
    I have had chronic upper left abdominal pain for about 8 months now. It started with a yoga twist and never went away. It feels like a pinch (below left rib) and sometimes my whole stomach feels pinches all over. i also have lost my appetite and feel nauseous. the pain often reaches an excrutiating level.
    I have had x rays ultrasound which have come back clear and doctors are clueless. I never feel the pain when I'm sleeping.

    my question is can this be TMS ?
    It feels so structural ...
    I do fit the typical TMS personality

    Has anyone else ever had pain like this?
  2. Miss Metta

    Miss Metta Peer Supporter

    Yes, I have. I'm assuming intestinal back-up has been ruled out (you don't mention it) as chronic constipation - even if you don't know you have it - will cause upper or lower abdominal pain on either side. It will also cause the nausea and loss of appetite. Presuming that has been ruled out, then TMS, yes. TMS can be any pain that doesn't heal within an expected time-frame for that injury/bodypart. Some kind of injury (yoga twist for example) can be the trigger.
    I've had your pain from two causes - chronic bowel back up
    TMS after doing a downward dog type movement that pushed up into my ribs; it was much more sore than it should have been and completely distracted me - which is what TMS does; distracts.
  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yep, but on the other side. It started right after a tumor showed up about 6 years ago (convenient, huh?). The tumor is benign. My doctor blamed my gall bladder and wanted to take it out, but not having 10k lying around , I passed. I also read online that many people who have had their gall bladder out , continue to have that pinchy weird feeling.

    It seemed to be related to a horrible relationship I was in. After I left that situation, the symptom almost never comes back and when it does it is always when I am under extreme pressure.
  4. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    Do you have a split second or so when you wake before the pain arrives? That sounds familiar.
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  5. niknnak99

    niknnak99 Newcomer

    Omg yea .... one minute or so I’m normal then bang pain starts again ... almost like my brain is addicted to the pain

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