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Chronic joint pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Danie1988, May 10, 2020.

  1. Danie1988

    Danie1988 New Member

    Hi guys and girls

    i was wondering if someone could help me out, it started off with joint pain in my hands and wrists, back last august after two years of chronic stomach troubles which seem to ease and turn into hand pain, i had the diagnoses of rsi in my hands after blood Tests and mri scans done to check i didnt have arthritis, then slowly the pain has gone to all my joints 24/7 and have eased in my wrists and fingers. Its now quite severe in my big toes and knees. I recently had a test for gout that signalled high uric acid levels but didnt seem to have the typical gout symptoms i can bend my toes fine theres never no redness at my joints Just constant pain. But since the doctor has told me i have high uric acid levels my mind seems to have convinced itself that i have gout and that this is the answer to my problems. They didnt offer me medication as it dont fit the typical gout diagnoses and even worse still another doctor told me its probably arthritis but just not been picked up in any of the tests that have been carried out which has made my worry go through the roof. I went ahead and bought a uric acid tester so i can check my own levels which always seems to be quite high yet i dont drink dont each much red meat. I dont no if this worrying is making me alot worse and im hoping its gout ( which i most defo ain) or just listening to what the doctors have said has made me worry about nothing, any advice would be much appreciated
  2. Titus Groan

    Titus Groan Peer Supporter

    Hey there - I can't relate to the "gout" element, but I had some major issues with RSI/tendonitus and various pains in my neck/shoulder/elbows/forearms/hands/legs/feet. My story is an incredibly long one, but if it would help to read a testimony then my original post is here: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/intro-my-story-new-guy.20531/ (Intro/My Story (New Guy))

    When I posted that a year ago I had just started applying the TMS theory and gotten fantastic results - now it's a year later and I'm free from so many of those symptoms it's not a significant problem anymore.

    From my perspective, RSI is TMS. If nothing significant shows up from tests and RSI or similar is diagnosed, its something you can recover from by following the TMS approach.

    I don't know all the details of your situation, and I'm far from the most experienced here, but that's the encouragement I can offer - probably worth digging deeper with the gout thing, even though it does sound like your doctors don't think that's the issue (which is encouraging!). The best thing you can do is have a search around and read recovery stories of people in similar circumstances - you'll be suprised what you can find.

    I can't give you all the answers, but I will say that your story sounds like it ticks a few boxes...

    - You're anxious
    - Tests don't show anything obviously wrong
    -symptoms come and go/move around

    These are classic TMS symptoms.

    Edit: another thing I'll just add, in case you're not aware, is that there are medical professionals on the forums who ascribe to the TMS theory and it is possible to ask them about your situation here: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/forums/ask-a-tms-therapist.47/ (Ask a TMS Therapist)
    Last edited: May 16, 2020
  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    RSI was my diagnosis, too. I didn't take any of "treatments" that were prescribed to me. I have occasional pains and deformities in my feet, but if it were gout, why does it comes and goes? I view it as TMS.
    I have fully recovered from my neuropathic pain in hands and wrists using TMS approach.
  4. apostoins

    apostoins Newcomer

    Thank you for sharing you experience
  5. apostoins

    apostoins Newcomer

    This means that you have arthritis. This is a very painful disease if you don't consult the medic on time. I can recommend you visit the Fort Wayne ortho clinic. They helped me a lot and made the symptoms of arthritis not so painful. I have got this disease because I was having an office life, and I was doing sport rarely, now I got old and I started to feel the consequences of this. Sometimes I can't even stand because of the pain. Now I am having a course of treatment, and hope that in the future the pain won't be so powerful and I will cure it.

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