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Chronic hives & angioedema

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by nattielou, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. nattielou

    nattielou New Member

    Hello everyone! I am currently on day 32 of the program. I found this program because I had suffered from back pain for the past year - well I was cured of the back pain before I even got sarno's book! It just went away from being aware of it. But when I got the book I was shocked to see that tms might be the cause of my chronic hives & angioedema, which have plagued me for a decade. I get them almost every day (except the 9 blissful months of pregnancy!) with no apparent connection to my mood or stress levels - I even get them lying on the beach on vacation!

    And so while my intellect comes to terms with the fact that this must be tms, I'm having a really hard time knowing how to approach it. With the back pain I just told it to go away and it did. I cannot seem to do that for the hives. The mechanism seems to work differently. Or perhaps the patterns are more deeply entrenched than my back pain was? Its frustrating that I can find no success stories or tips from others like me.

    I also struggle with taking my antihistamines daily - I worry that I'm reinforcing the syndrome by taking them and believe me I've tried not to, but well - just google angioedema images and you'll see what I'm up against if I don't take them! So, any advice here on whether I should discontinue my meds and try to "fight" the hives head on? Ill confess that i hate that thought! They can be disfiguring and I have even had people ask me to leave a public pool once because they freak people out!

    I'm hoping I can just continue the program, which has been making a wonderful change in my mental state so far, along with practicing mindfulness meditation daily, and eventually I'll find I don't need the meds anymore....

    Any advice is is very welcome! Thanks and looking forward to being part of this community!
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    One of my friends came down with a bad case of hives while on his honeymoon. He spent a week in bed in a hospital,
    but then recovered. He had been very nervous about getting married, even though he and the bride knew each other and
    dated more than a year and loved each other. Dr. Sarno says hives can be one of the symptoms we get from anxiety and stress.

    I am not a doctor and can't suggest you stop your medication, but I do hope you will work on believing TMS repressed emotions and that
    they will heal you.

    You could also benefit a lot by reading Steve Ozanich's book on his TMS healing: The Great Pain Deception.

    Good luck and try to relax. Worrying just adds to your symptom.
  3. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Nattielou,
    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on making it to Day 32 of the SEP! That is wonderful that your back pain away just by knowing about TMS.

    Your statement above, answers your questions, in my opinion. Yes, some TMS symptoms may take longer to resolve, but they are all addressed with the same techniques. You're already doing one of the most powerful techniques-- mindfulness meditation. Are you journaling yet? That has helped me a lot with training my brain to "think psychologically" and discover the repressed emotions that are at the heart of TMS.

    Best wishes on your healing journey, and keep us informed on how you're doing.
  4. Islander

    Islander New Member

    It is called Mast Cell activation Syndrome

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