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Day 1 Chronic fatigue destroying my life

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by acala, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. acala

    acala Newcomer

    I have been struggling with what I believe to be chronic fatigue syndrome for almost a year. Last year, while my husband and I were trying to have a child, I was given unnecessary antibiotics that set off a chain reaction that has left me with flare-ups where I can barely get out of bed. I have been to about 20 doctors, and no one has been able to explain what is happening. I am so desperate to get better and finally have a family ... I have an open mind and am hoping that getting to the psychological root of this will help!
  2. crookedintheuk

    crookedintheuk New Member

    From anecdotal experience, emotions and stress have definitely caused me to suffer from sustained periods of exhaustion/burnout. Never as bad as you describe, but still enough to impact on my day to day life.

    Generally I would consider myself to be a highly active person who can get up early, do things before work and pack activities into every corner of the day and then some. But earlier this year I just packed in. It became hard work to get up and the motivation had gone to do anything other than the minimum necessary to get through my day. My head felt foggy. This came shortly after my back pain had struck.

    It was the result of cumulative stress in probably the most tumultuous but also the overwhelmingly happy year of my life.

    In one year the following things had happened: got married, a relative attempted suicide, subsequently my wife and I moved in with this relative temporarily for various support, we went on our honeymoon, we got pregnant, we started a frantic house-hunting mission, I worried about finding stable employment, moved into a new house (and had to do all sorts getting it into shape), my back went, and a friend died of a brain tumour. But the main underlying worry was about stability and parenthood.

    I felt completely lost and really couldn’t get my head around how much effort it would take to get anything done.

    As many of the issues were gradually resolved my energy returned. This was before I started this program. I wish I had known about it earlier because it is certainly helping.

    Stay optimistic, I’m sure it will help.
  3. acala

    acala Newcomer

    My goodness! You have been through a lot. You're so right--stress makes a big difference in how we feel. Thank you for pep talk. I wish you well.

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