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Chronic epididymitis-TMS? HELP

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by WorriedUser, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Zerkon

    Zerkon New Member

    Hi all,

    So as I mentioned, I have bad anxiety, depression, OCD, and I know I am a hypersensitive/hypochondriac person. I see a therapist and I take the highest recommended dose of an SSRI. I am a perfectionist, for sure.

    My BP rises a lot when I am stressed (or when the doctor checks it). I get chest pains and tightness and palpitations. My brain can feel rushed with blood when stressed and I become sensitive to noise. I can wake up gasping for air and unable to breathe. My throat sometimes feels like it has a lump in it, my eye can twitch/hurt, joint pain (knee), lower back pain, lipomas, ears can ring, irritable bowel, insomnia... And, testicular pain.

    I have been to the ER 3x over the years, my EKG is always fine. My BP at home when I test it is normal. Orthopedist said knee is fine, dentist said I do not have sleep apnea. GI doctor said my stool was fine (I used to have parasites but they were removed). Neurologist did an MRI and a bunch of tests, bloodwork, all normal, except a bit deficient in B12 and D. So I started taking a multivitamin, turmeric, fish oil, probiotics. Urologist also did bloodwork, urine test, ultrasound, all normal. No tumor, torsion, varicocele, STDs, bacterial infection, epididymo-orchitis, hernia, etc. So there is nothing physically wrong that they can find, but I still have pain. Antibiotics did not help. Advil did not help.

    I started seeing a herbalist 1 month ago, who gave me acupuncture, did not help. She gave me tea, which may have helped; I was feeling better and went a few days without pain last week, and I stopped taking the tea. Now, I was sleeping last night, my boxers got tight all around my balls and they started hurting. I checked this morning and my balls hurt when I pinch them (more than they should hurt) near the epididymis.

    How can this be stress, if it hurts to physically touch them? If it hurts to sit down? I guess stress can cause a lot of things. But I got worried because this started after finishing my herbal tea. Maybe it was a physical problem. Or maybe I was just stressed. Ugh.

    Anyone going through anything similar? Looking for some advice?

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