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Chest Pain caused from Endoscopy or TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by jetsfan75, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. jetsfan75

    jetsfan75 New Member


    A bit over 3 weeks ago I got an endoscopy and right after I got chest pain in my heart are when swallowing. That pain went away, but I am still feeling lingering pain and heart palpations. I am getting stabbing pains on both sides of my chest as well as a pressure/squeezing sensation in the middle/left of my chest. These symptoms I did not experience before the endoscopy.

    I have ruled out a number of things as I had a CT scan of chest, and a number of heart test-(EKG,echo,stress) .

    I am so nervous that something has been damaged by the endoscopy and that this pain and palpations will never go away or worse kill me. I am feeling angry that I went through with the endoscopy as I thought most of the reflux and esophagus issues I was experiencing were TMS anyhow so I feel frustrated that I even had the procedure,.

    Right now I just feel so convinced that the endoscopy damaged me and I have been an emotional wreck.

    Does anyone think want I am going through could be TMS/psychologically related? I have had a number of TMS issues in the past, but this one feels like somehow the endoscopy definitely caused me some issue
  2. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Hi Jestfan,

    We have all had similar experiences and my number one suggestion is not to keep beating yourself up. That by itself leads to more TMS.

    If all your tests have been normal. then most likely it is TMS.

    I recommend giving yourself a break. If you can, connect with nature, go for a hike, relax at a beach, or something that creates awe and wonderment. All of these will get your mind off your condition and changes your focus.

    Here's an awe-inspiring story: take a look at Morris Goodman story and how he used his mind to recover from a plan crash. It is possible to recover even from devastating injuries. There is hope.

    Morris Goodman - The Miracle Man - YouTube
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