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Checking in with the homies

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by annarowens, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. annarowens

    annarowens Peer Supporter

    Hello! I'm on day 23 or 24, I can't remember honestly but the idea is to post where I am with my life in general and what any apprehensions I may have about the program. I would say in general, my life is much calmer than when I first began the program. My life isn't calmer that's not actually it. I am experiencing my stress differently and handling it differently. My pain is still there which is scary, but I know everyone's pain leaves them at a different rate so I try to not dwell on that and continue the journey. I wish I was one of those who read Sarno's book and the pain instantly went away and it actually did for about 3 days (this is how I KNEW it was TMS) but it came back afterwards : ( Still I know, if it went away before, it can go away again! I have continuously been on 2 medications that help manage the pain but I am unable to work as a nurse or a therapist while taking them. They are not high-scheduled opiates but anything that has the potential to be "mind-altering" is not allowed in these professions. So that has been difficult for me. I really want to be off these meds! But as the pain gets better, I have been able to take less and less, so I'm thinking eventually I will be able to stop altogether. This week I have had to take more because I caught a bug and had it for about 7 days and my shoulder pain has been really flared up ever since, maybe its the fear I had that the TMS had decided to take over my whole body and put me in the bed! But since that is over, I am reminding myself everything is okay and hopefully the pain will get back to baseline soon and then start progressively getting better again! I can say before this bug, I have been able to cut my pain medication in half since starting the program. This is a big step for me and says a lot about the effectiveness of the program! It works! I wish I could say I'm not on meds anymore! But everything in this program and all signs point to the fact that one day I will indeed be able to post that! Until then I am trying to just be happy where I am, work on school while I can't work a job (I'm in school to be a family nurse practitioner) and enjoy each day. Meditation has helped me be more present in the moment! I am very thankful for the program and for you all! And Walt! Walt has been my champion because he IS a champion!!!
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    This says it all annarowens. This and your check-in about getting much more sleep. You are on your way. Keep noticing the positives, and do your "Sarno practices" like the SEP, and don't worry too much about results. It is happening, of that you can be sure...
    Andy B
  3. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi again, Annaowens. Thank you for the very kind words. I am so glad you are feeling well enough to study to become a family nurse practitioner. That sounds like a very positive and helpful occupation. I wish you lived near me in the Chicago north suburbs. I will be 86 in June and feeling fine, but live alone except for my darling dog who is 14 and slowing down. Annie doesn't know about TMS but must have it built inside her because nothing bothers her, and when I am stressed, I do one or all of three things... deep breathing, praying to God, or laughing. Hope you have a real nice day, Anna.
  4. annarowens

    annarowens Peer Supporter

    Thanks Walt and Andy! Walt! I was literally just in the Chicago suburbs in Aurora! One of my friends lives there and I went to see her and we went over to the neighboring suburb with all the little shops, it was so cute! The next time I am there I would love to meet you and have a coffee or tea!

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