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Chat room FAQ

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by Forest, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello, everyone. Every week we have a facilitated drop-in text-based chatroom. It's a great way to get up to speed on TMS quickly and meet people who have recovered from TMS or are recovering from it now.

    The basics of the chat room are pretty straightforward and can be seen from the image below. You type your own messages where it says "Write a Message," at the bottom in very light grey. You read other people's messages on the left and you can see a list of participants on the right. At the top are some helpful links in orange and at the very bottom are some buttons for formatting and smilies.

    That's all you need to know!

    Click here to sign up right now so you can join the conversation and click here to see the schedule and guidelines.


    That's all you need to know to join one of our scheduled sessions. If you come regularly, you might also want to know how to "tag" other users to get their attention, or send personal information privately by "whispering." The remainder of this post explains how to do these two things as well as how to set your options and understand the participant list on the right.

    Tagging other users

    To get another chatter's attention, you can tag them. One way to do this is to click on the @ sign before their name:


    Another way to do it is simply to type an @-sign and choose their username from the list that pops up.

    Your message will be highlighted on the screen of the person who was tagged:


    As always, you can click on someone's username (if it's clickable blue) to see their membercard. If you click on their "My Story" link, you'll see their TMS story. Click on my username, @Forest, to see how this works.

    Whispered messages

    If you have something private that you want to share in order to support another member, you can use the "Whisper" functionality:


    The recipient will see something like this:


    You can also whisper to multiple people at the same time:


    You can also just type or paste the code that appears into the box if that is faster:


    Don't forget that you need to use the whisper command with each whispered message you send. Also don't forget to press "Return" when you are ready to send the message.


    Various settings are available from the options menu.


    Generally the defaults should be fine with this, but some people like to choose a different message color to make it easier to find their messages.

    The chatters list

    Over on the right is the chatters list:

    If the circle next to someone's name is green, upload_2016-1-15_16-46-36.png , it means that the person has interacted with the room very recently. Either they sent a message or loaded the chat room page.

    Software isn't notified if someone closes a window, so the only way that the chat room knows that you've left the room is if you don't send any messages or reload the page for a long time. Therefore, if you don't send any messages for 10 minutes, your username will disappear from the chatters list. To get it back, just send a message or reload the chat room.

    If you leave the chat, choose "Log Out" from the triangle menu next to your username. This removes you from the chatters list immediately. Some people may not log out when done, so remember that people with grey circles may just be reading, but may have left 10 minutes ago.


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  2. hodini

    hodini Peer Supporter

    Hello Forest,
    Are the chats archived anywhere? Thanks.
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