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Day 15 Changing symptoms (cautiously optimistic...)

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by JTaylor, Jan 2, 2022.

  1. JTaylor

    JTaylor New Member

    Since starting this program I have noticed that some pain symptoms have decreased and I am also having a recurrence of some symptoms that bothered me years ago...

    I have been noticing pain in my shoulder and elbow far less. The pain in my wrist and middle finger on my right hand is still there most of the time, but I’m less scared of it. I’m using my middle finger to do things like open bottles and jars more than before. I used to either do this with my other hand before or move my little finger out of the way and just use my other fingers and thumb. So I’m less scared of my middle finger pain.

    I ran my first ever half marathon 2 days ago. In the days leading up to the half marathon I had some gastrointestinal issues and my stomach felt really upset. This is a recurrence of an issue I had several years ago and that I spent months worrying about and even had an endoscopy to put my mind at rest. I feel like all the symptoms disappeared just before the race. Running the half marathon left me mentally and physically exhausted. I felt like giving up in the last couple of miles but I kept going. For the last two days I have been dealing with a lot of soreness in different areas of my body, but that’s fine. I should be feeling that way. I just pushed my body harder than I ever have before.

    Anyway, shortly after the race the problems with my stomach also came back. I couldn’t help googling the symptoms which is something that I have tried to cut out as I know it tends to make things worse for me. The stomach issue tends to be worse at night, but last night it bothered me far less and I’m beginning to feel less bloated. I told myself that this is exactly the same problem I had before and it wasn’t a big deal then so it more than likely won’t be this time. This made me feel better. My sleep is also getting better again. I’d been struggling with sleep again too. I’m cautiously optimistic and believe in the TMS diagnosis even more now.

    Sorry for the rambling message, but long story short - my symptoms changed and I believe in the TMS diagnosis even more now,
  2. Hkreutts

    Hkreutts Newcomer

    That’s wonderful to hear that you’re seeing progress-thanks for sharing. I too am on day 15 and am seeing some progress. My back symptoms have been nonexistent some days snd my extremity tingling less. I’ve had two days of flare ups in the last 10 days: one when I heard my niece tested positive for covid and we had to rearrange our holiday plans to especially keep my mother safe. And another just yesterday when I heard of the sudden passing in the night of a dear friend’s toddler grandson and this triggered worry for our own grandchildren. I’m working on calming myself down so my symptoms will then calm down too.
  3. JTaylor

    JTaylor New Member

    I’m glad you’re seeing some progress too. Sorry to hear about your friend’s grandson. Hope you continue to see progress.
  4. Satori

    Satori New Member

    You have motivated me to go for a run. I am no way as advanced as you, but I have not run in years. I want to do .5 mile today! Happy to hear your progress!
  5. JTaylor

    JTaylor New Member

    I’m glad I could motivate you. I hope your run goes well.

    I’ve been running fairly regularly for a few years now, but when I first started I could only jog for about 30 seconds at a time, then I had to walk for a few minutes before I could start again, so it just takes time and practice. If you look at the running training plans on the BUPA website you can find different ones for different ability levels.
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