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Day 19 Change one thing?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by yvettebetancourt, May 22, 2014.

  1. yvettebetancourt

    yvettebetancourt New Member

    I would like to change about 10 things. But if I could only pick one thing to change in life, I would change my sometimes flippant overreaction to things. I am 99% cool headed, but sometimes my impulsiveness leads to problems. I am proud of my long standing relationships, but sometimes I can be passive aggressive and dont like that about myself. I am sure it leads to chronic pain as well.

    The good news is I have become acutely aware of it in the last few years and am working on it through meditation and playing the waiting game to react. 99% of the time my feelings dissipate and I handle things much better. But oh that 1%....
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oh that 1 %, I'm envious. You are doing a magnificent job yvettebetancourt. Just keep with your protocol and don't study that 1%. Remember to be outcome independent ok and the rest is your success.
    Bless you

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