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challenging fatigue; need advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Joey2276, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    I love this thread. I've had severe TMS / fibromyalgia and beated it 6 (?) years ago. Several forms have come up since. But I've never really had exhaustion beaten like TMS. Last january I was extremely sick and exhausted. I tried to see it as TMS but it didnt work. I happened to have a parasite (Giardia Lamblia) and with antibiotics all symptoms disappeared.
    Now in the midst of universal Corona anxiety the exhaustion and a light version of other symptoms returned. Yesterday I thought, the parasite is back and I need another antibiotics cure. But today I thought, what if my brain simply used this symptom as the last thing that I'm still "buying" as a pure physical thing? So I am trying the TMS approach today. I went running, I'm enjoying my day. So far so good. Just to be sure I will try to get a parasite test this week.

    But I started with a meditation. And I will meditate now again. The fear that I'm picking up when I'm outside is tremendous. (we're still allowed to be out in Netherlands with 1,5 m distance from one another)...

    When I read all of your comments I suspect that anxiety and exhaustion are very closely related. So I will meditate and feel the fear and accompany myself to a calm place within. Tara Brach has great meditations on her podcast and website.
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  2. Winning

    Winning New Member

    I think you’re getting all kinds of good advice here. I would add that prayer and confidence in God will also help a lot with all that you do.
    Remember the words of Jesus. “Fear nothing, for I am always with you”.

    Embrace His words as they will bring you peace. Peace will end the fear and healing of TMS happens when the fear is gone and trust in God is there. We are called to trust in God at all times in all circumstances no matter what.
    Of course we can trust Him. He’s our creator and all powerful loving God. He is pure love.

    It’s a lot like Peter walking on the water...
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