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Daniel L. CFS, oxygen deprivation, and scoliosis

Discussion in 'Ask a TMS Therapist' started by Bunneh, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Bunneh

    Bunneh Peer Supporter

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    I have a question regarding my CFS and fibromyalgia case. I've been employing TMS healing techniques for a couple of months now, but there's a burning question I must ask, since I don't have a TMS therapist in my area.

    TMS is a result of oxygen deprivation and I've read somewhere ( in a paper unrelated to the TMS concept) that this is exactly the case in the perpetuation of CFS i.e. your body is not able to transport enough oxygen to body's tissues and the brain.

    Mindfulness is supposed to help you deepen your breath and restore body's natural healing abilities. But my problem is that I also have scoliosis (I always say that my spine is twisted like a corkscrew. ;) ) which, basically, physically decreases my lung capacity. So not only am I a 'breath holder' due to perfectionism and goodism, but I also have a genuine structural problem which makes me feel quite anxious and uncertain about prospective recovery.

    Should I be concerned about this?
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  2. Daniel G Lyman LCSW

    Daniel G Lyman LCSW TMS Therapist

    Short answer: No!

    Longer answer: Forget everything you just said about scoliosis (I have it too!) and CFS (it’s TMS). You’re going down the wrong path. The only thing I want you to focus on is eliminating this sense of worry about everything. CFS is TMS. Fibromyalgia is TMS. They’re both TMS. And the only way to get over these things is to significantly decrease the amount of worry and anxiety that you have in your life.

    You are already scaring yourself that since you have scoliosis you’ll never be able to breathe right, which means that you’ll never be able to heal from CFS!

    Yikes! That’s a really stressful thought. The good news is that it’s just not true.

    You’ll have a difficult time healing from CFS or Fibro if the worry is left unchecked. Have confidence that both of those diagnoses are TMS and that you have the ability to make a complete recovery from them.

    Any advice or information provided here does not and is not intended to be and should not be taken to constitute specific professional or psychological advice given to any group or individual. This general advice is provided with the guidance that any person who believes that they may be suffering from any medical, psychological, or mindbody condition should seek professional advice from a qualified, registered/licensed physician and/or psychotherapist who has the opportunity to meet with the patient, take a history, possibly examine the patient, review medical and/or mental health records, and provide specific advice and/or treatment based on their experience diagnosing and treating that condition or range of conditions. No general advice provided here should be taken to replace or in any way contradict advice provided by a qualified, registered/licensed physician and/or psychotherapist who has the opportunity to meet with the patient, take a history, possibly examine the patient, review medical and/or mental health records, and provide specific advice and/or treatment based on their experience diagnosing and treating that condition or range of conditions.

    The general advice and information provided in this format is for informational purposes only and cannot serve as a way to screen for, identify, or diagnose depression, anxiety, or other psychological conditions. If you feel you may be suffering from any of these conditions please contact a licensed mental health practitioner for an in-person consultation.

    Questions may be edited for brevity and/or readability.

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  3. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Bunneh, Daniel is spot on.

    Dr Sarno made many references to Scoliosis being TMS. There is also no direct correlation between spinal abnormalities and pain, he mentioned that some people with abnormalities didn't have any pain.

    FYI - Nancy Selfriridge who wrote freedom from fibronyalgia also used Dr Sarno's techniques to heal herself from Fibromyalgia. You can also find a section on Fibromyalgia in Dr Schubiners - unlearn your pain.

    Daniel makes a very valid comment, just see it all as TMS, when you try to label the different ailments it makes it more stressful.

    Good luck
  4. Bunneh

    Bunneh Peer Supporter

    Thank you for your insight.
    Recently, I visited a forum devoted to CFS (not the smartest thing to do, if you're a worrier) and read horrible things about the disease, and about how many people end up bedbound. I was so frightened that I cried all evening. And, Jesus, whoever came up with the alternative name of CFS, i.e. myalgic encephalomyelitis, was a freaking sadist! Doesn't that imply some kind of a nasty autoimmune brain inflammation which is unresponsive to treatment? The funny part is that doctors are not sure as to what may be causing it. I shouldn't have read all that medical stuff. :/ I'm back to square one when it comes to my recovery.

    @mike2014 : I haven't got a chance to read these books, yet. I've just finished SteveO's "The great pain deception". I liked how he described fibromyalgia as "TMS on steroids". It surely is an extreme form of TMS. I feel it every single day.
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  5. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    There really isn't a need to read all of the material, perhaps just one more at max. I think you will only be adding stress - the principal in these books is all the same.

    Secondly, going to forums of such can be stressful, because nobody has a clear sense of direction or programme which has worked. No disrespect to other communities, but the TMS community has a whole host of professionals who champion and believe in this work. There's a huge difference to be part of something which is structured, friendly, positive and encouraging.

    Just know you are in good hands here and there isn't a need to add addional worry or read horror stories. Your dis-ease is curable and Dr's have succeeded.

    Best regards
  6. Daniel G Lyman LCSW

    Daniel G Lyman LCSW TMS Therapist

    I recommend to EVERYONE I see with TMS to immediately stop googling. You're only making your life harder. So Bunneh, for your health, stop googling!
  7. Bunneh

    Bunneh Peer Supporter

    You're both right. It makes me feel worse.
    But I have one more question regarding repression of emotions, I am veeery sensitive and never, actually, had problems when it came to releasing emotional burden through crying. SteveO wrote in his book that his pain was a result of unexpressed emotional energy, since he was never taught to cry and held all the tension inside. I am a different kind of person. I am definitely a goodist and a perfectionist. I also have (pathologically) low self-esteem and often feel like I make a complete idiot out of myself in social situations. But repression? Hell no! I cry too often. How come I ended up having fibro and CFS?
    Am I missing something in understanding the TMS concept?
    Sorry to be bothering you with so many questions at once, but there are no TMS therapists in Poland.
  8. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    Did you ever stop to wonder, Bunneh, how much your scoliosis might be enhanced by muscle tension and spasms driven by TMS? I know that Dr Howard Schubiner says that he has seen TMS patients who were bent over to one side in a contorted posture who completely straightened out once they had relaxed after going through his system of TMS therapy chronicled in his Unlearn Your Pain workbook. With TMS, appearances can be very deceptive!
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  9. Daniel G Lyman LCSW

    Daniel G Lyman LCSW TMS Therapist


    A couple of things: 1) If you're interested in seeing a TMS therapist, many of us work over Skype, so I'd encourage you to look into that.
    2) The ONLY thing I want you to work on is decreasing the amount of fear and anxiety in your life. Don't worry about the emotional side just yet. That'll come naturally. In the meantime, if you limit the fear, your pain will decrease.

    - Daniel
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  10. Bunneh

    Bunneh Peer Supporter

    Thank you for help. I am very grateful. I will keep lowering my anxiety level through relaxation techniques. Now that I know scoliosis has nothing to do with correct breathing, this should be a bit easier.

    No, actually. But your suggestion is accurate. One of my pre-fibro TMS symptoms included a stabbing mid-back pain, when I was under stress or just tired. My spine is curved at odd angles between the shoulder blades. I can feel a badly protruding vertebra when I touch that part of my back. I am glad I haven't had an MRI done. Seeing that oddly curved spine would only cause additional tension.
    Luckily, my overall posture is not as bad as I've seen it in some people with scoliosis.

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