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Cant push through (heart paliplations)

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mark1122, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    Hello ive been trying to push through but pain increases and i get a very full stomach feeling and chest pressure. I also get heart palpilation(s) sometimes is this normal for TMS sufferers? The palpilations keep me in fear...

    I have progressing trapezius and arm pain right side, i never took 3 months break from a pc or mobile phone so i also wonder if it even had 3 months to heal. What if a tendon has been fucked for 6 years and it never got a chance to heal? Or is this mad talk? Physiotherapists never found anything but im wondering if they can spot damaged tendons.
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It may be that you are feeling panicky because of worrying whether you have tms or tendonitis.... if your Dr has said the tendon is not damaged then it probably isn't...! If you think you have repetitive strain injury - it is probably tms.... You are trying to address the pain issue and - guess what - your body gives you another symptom to worry about.... Do the free program and see how it goes, good luck!
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Had them off and on for years - especially under stress. Been checked out. Had a full EKG done the morning after I had such extreme palpitations in the middle of the night (lasting over an hour) that my husband could easily feel them. But I wasn't short of breath or experiencing pain, so the 24-hour consulting service said I could wait until the next day. EKG totally normal. That was "Before Sarno" and I've never had another episode as bad as that. I still have them sometimes, but I recognize the connection to my stress level, and I am able to calm them down quickly.
  4. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    Okay thanks for sharing. They got worse over the years for me. I dont get them when im active mostly when im in rest mode. But not always when i have a panic attack it happens a lot when im in rest and im not panicing, so random. It does get worse when ive been behind pc too much and i have a lot of pain days after. It makes me scared to believe the TMS concept.

    They scare me so much, sadly im a scared person i have been to doctor when my head felt weird thinking i had something real bad and it turned out to be nothing, ive been scared that my heart is bad cause of 8years of alcohol addiction, but tests 5 years ago were good. And im scared il never recover from the pain in arms, neck trapezius and scared my brainfog will never get better. Because it gradually gets worse when pc or mobile and i get more brainfog and get tired as well gradually. Plus i always ignored the pain and took sleeping pills and alcohol so i didnt feel it much and pushed through the pain for several years, thats why i think its structural.

    The main issue is the trapezius pain right it feels like a structural damage like a tendon... Doctor thinks it isn't but how can they know for sure? Physio also doesn't think its a tendon or a nerve but how can he know when only feeling my body?

    But now you are telling me this i get more hope.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  5. fibroguy

    fibroguy Newcomer

    Trapezius pain has been my dominant pain symptom for nearly 25 years along with pain at times throughout my body. About four years ago, I also started having palpitations as well as afib episodes. Though I knew that TMS was causing my "brain pain," it took me a while to figure out that one of my medications was affecting my heart and was the afib culprit, as well as the reason my GI tract was slowing down. Medications can agree with us for years but, as one clinician said to me, at some point the body may start to kick back.
  6. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    One of the things that must be understood about TMS symptoms is that the whole point is distraction from repressed emotions.

    A panic attack IS the distraction (anxiety is a form of TMS), so why on earth would your brain need to give you palpitations at the same time? When you are relaxed and quiet and not moving around is a perfect time for palpitations to occur. My extreme attack happened at about 2am - I woke up thirsty, quickly drank a fair amount of water, and the palpitations started as I was lying back down in bed.

    "Random" is usually considered proof of TMS.
  7. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    Thanks for clearing it up some more. My physiotherapist has tested me again and felt my trapezius and tells me there is nothing structural wrong with it. And he tells me my arm and hand and fingers are painful and cold because they might react to the trapezius being tensed. And is more likely to be because i am tensed myself cause of the anxiety and stress i have.

    It really sounds as if i am so tensed for 10years n0w and it shows with physical symptoms, plus that i am scared of the sympoms and they worry me. My head feels disconnected with my body. It wants to keep going to push myself and its angry at my body for not cooperating. I was always pushed by my mother to do the best education and i am now pushing myself to the max even though all these now physical signals that probably warn me that its going too fast. I can see it being a distraction because my mind wants me to be the best and is always mad at me for underperforming, always critizing me for not doing enough, not working hard enough. And these physical pains preventing me from doing a lot of work make the pressure worse, because i cant be the best because they are in the way so much. They make me mad and make me hate my body i feel completely disconnected of my body. And i am scared that it will never get better and i will be a nothing forever because i cant work because of the pains that get worse and worse. This causes a lot of stress and the circle gets worse and worse.

    I think i am starting to understand what is wrong now. I am starting to be nice to myself and easing down on myself i also want to reconnect with my body, because it is me. I think meditating and really feeling the pain, noticing it without fear and telling myself its okay theres nothing phyisically wrong with you might help me, also being nicer to myself, being proud of what i did reach instead of being mad and dissapointed about what i havent reached yet I need to relax more and enjoy the present, i am always in the future thinking or when im depressed i think about how i felt happy when i was young which i never feel for the past 10 years anymore.

    I think whats wrong is Im too hard for myself, im mean and pushing myself. If i do something good its normal and if i fail im a loser for myself. I am really obsessive and scared and thus also obsessively scared. I overwork my brain but are actively thinking i can do more and more but maybe subconsciousely i am mad because i never give myself a break + only being negative to myself. I even hated myself for ruining my body (trapezius) but i guess its not ruined but its rather my psyche that i ruined giving me physical symptoms.

    I had to get this out and get a clear picture, i think i can start to get better, but it will not be easy but i guess i am on the right track already, finally starting to care for myself. I will be nice for myself, positive in general and taking meditation rests for my brain. I will excersise and i will work on my anxiety. I finally fully believe i am not structurally phyisically damaged, and i still have pain but my psyche is not where it needs to be so ofcourse i still have pain. I believe i can conquer this thing i will try to track the progression here. Thanks.

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