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Can you say that something wasn't TMS while at the same time having medicine find nothing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ, Sep 27, 2017.

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  1. dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ

    dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ Peer Supporter

    What this very thread talks about, the guru-like mentality, is what Forest used to ban my nickname from this forum. I called a poster out who spread misinformation as in "everything is tms" and he banned this nickname for that because it "destroys the peace here".

    The guy running this forum promotes a "everything is tms and everyone's interpretation of TMS, no matter how wrong it is, has to be cherished"-mentality and bans those who looks for truth. Truth is uncomfortable at times. Getting told you have cancer and you have to do chemotherapy is more uncomfortable than getting told that you should relax a little.

    We need to become aware of as much as medicine can offer us. 1.5 tesla MRIs, 3 tesla MRIs, ultrasonic(you can find nerve issues with it aswell), Blood tests for EBV, CMV, Herpes etc.

    There are workable solutions for all of that. But delaying things and telling yourself it was TMS after one arbitrary test is potentially lethal.

    Still, to me it is unclear what TMS really encompasses, so you could go ahead and do explicitly described exercises and when you do not get a certain result within a certain time frame, you should be able to dismiss TMS.

    But according to my understanding, the TMS approach has no exclusion property, ie you can never say that something wasn't TMS.

    Can you say that something wasn't TMS while at the same time having medicine find nothing?
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  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Please do not react to the post above.
  3. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Try reading the TMS books and it's made VERY CLEAR!
  4. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    This guy again! Here we go :)
  5. dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ

    dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ Peer Supporter

    Can you say that something wasn't TMS while at the same time having medicine find nothing? Is TMS the way to go when nothing was found in one medical test? How do you exclude TMS, when do you say, it is not TMS? When something is found?

    Is TMS versus medicine like religion versus science as in "everything that science cannot explain is due to god. Oh science found cancer. So it's not that John didn't pray enough. Well, but the stars are still created by god".
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  6. Ftaghn!

    Ftaghn! Peer Supporter

    The issue is that while you support a valuable point, you seem to be incapable of doing it in a non inflammatory manner. If I recall, you were timed out over insulting a member.

    Some flaws from your above posts:
    • Projections on the intentions of members.
    • Perception of the forum as monolithic in its views.
    • Deterministic view of medicine and individuals.
    • Belief that you possess the truth.
    Medicine is probabilistic -- there is rarely, if ever, certainty. You can only weigh the odds in a general population.

    In any case, you will undoubtedly be banned again, not because your underlying point was inadequate, but because you naively misconstrue liberally worded accusations as valid rhetoric.
  7. dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ

    dIK8Lsf3Bl3y4DTtSWEZ Peer Supporter

    Don't feed this troll.
  8. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Like I said before, the answers to ALL your questions are in the books--the topic is PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE--if you believe psychology is a science then. This isn't rocket science, your line of questioning belongs in a philosophy class--I don't have time to debate it at the moment--I need to go hit some tennis balls--what's wrong with you? How did you stumble on this site in the far reaches of the internet--what brings you here--have you tried accupuncture for your ailment? Maybe reiki?
  9. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to encourage everyone to take a moment to step back from the posts in this thread. Symptoms have affected all of our lives very deeply and this can bring out very strong emotions. We also want to protect others and this can bring out even stronger emotions. This can lead to hateful conflicts that really bring out the worst in people. This forum has always had a reputation for civil discussion, and I think that that is something that we all want to protect.

    The philosophy of my forum moderation is that I can't control what people say. That would be way too much responsibility for me and would, I think, lead to a pretty boring conversation if I tried to do it. Basically, I just want to create a space where others can talk and can give peer support to one another. I want to do this because peer support like this really transformed my life in a very positive way. There are forum rules, but those rules are meant to limit how you say things, not what you say.

    Looking at dlK8, I think he is speaking from genuine feelings. From reading his posts, I suspect he has had his share of symptoms, so he is essentially one of us. Let's give him a space for him to say his piece. Yes, I would agree that his posts can sometimes be inflammatory, but I suspect English isn't his first language, and I do get the sense that he is genuinely trying to communicate.

    To give people some time to cool off, I've temporarily locked this thread and another related thread. I'm taking a restrained approach because while there have been posts that violate forum rules (mostly inflammatory), I think people are operating from a place of good faith and I get the sense that we can work this out. I don't pretend that everyone will necessarily agree with or befriend one another, but I'm hoping people can at least get along.
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