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Can TMS work create disassociation from body?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by OnTheRoad, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. OnTheRoad

    OnTheRoad Peer Supporter

    Okay, here's a tricky question (not a "trick" question!). Tricky in terms of difficult for me to ask. Because I feel there's an elephant in the room I haven't addressed, that's been bothering me.

    When I "think psychological", and divert attention from the body area feeling pain, to my brain, to think about things troubling me, I'm moving my attention from my body to my head. I can feel my energy literally move from my body to parts of my head, if I pay attention to what's going on. So far, so good. I have been paying too much attention to pain...that exacerbates it. I need to take some attention away from it, if not all.

    My problem is, the feeling of removal from my body to my head, for thinking. I don't like that. At the risk of extreme heresy, this is something that has disturbed me from the time I watched a video of Dr. Sarno's lecture. Everyone in the "audience" has a kind of sameness in the way they hold their bodies, a kind of woodenness. Even...gasp!...Dr. Sarno himself, who I revere, does. As a former dancer and someone who has always been very attuned to how bodies move, and grace, I am uncomfortable with this stiffness. I feel the stiffness in my own limbs when I think. Maybe it is fine for people not involved in teaching movement, or who don't need to have a super bodily awareness or don't enjoy such awareness. God knows Dr. Sarno represents grace, and his lack of pretense, preening, anything that shouts "hey! I'm super aware of my body, isn't it beautiful!" spells humility and authenticity and is absolutely wonderful. But for me, a kind of grace and softness and relaxation in my body are very important.

    Another way of putting it: when I think "I intend!" or "I will!" and summon up my courage, I can get above the pain, and my spine does stiffen and I feel I can do anything. But I don't want to go around in that charged, lifted state all the time. Where does softness and relaxation fit into this journey?

    It is true that when I move from thought to emotion, as we are guided on this journey by Dr. Sarno to do, I reconnect with my body. It is that initial "disconnect" that troubles me. Maybe I am overthinking? Ha ha, that would be very TMS of me!

    Please please please, I am not saying the journey, and Dr. Sarno, lack heart! I know he and it are all about heart! I am musing about what I see.
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  2. RozieHolland

    RozieHolland Peer Supporter

    Hello OnTheRoad,

    I am a sensitive woman who lived her life from her feelings. (sorry for my english, I am dutch).
    I had trouble with this too. I was afraid that I was going to fly, or float. How do you call this?

    I read somewhere that we have to put our attention to the front of our body, our belly, our stomach, our throat, our chest, that's where our feelings and emotions are.
    Put your attention away from the pain. The important thing is that you feel your emotions, not to think.
    When you are journaling you have to feel and then you became soft and relaxed.

    It works for me.
    With love, Rozie.
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  3. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Rozie makes an excellent point. To deal with TMS counter anger, rage, worry and anxiety with excitement, joy, laughter and optimism.

    Do this minute after minute and your symptoms lessen or disappear without having to think about your body or your mind.
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  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes. And as you say here:

    Sometimes we might think that we need to bring the attention to the mind, in order to access the feelings which may be fueling TMS, but it is the body that tells us the truth of our experience. And as Rozie suggests, the so called "mid line" through the torso, the center of belly, chest, etc. is a place one is often directed to sense the emotions.

    We can tell ourselves all kinds of things about the truth of our inner experience, but "the body doesn't lie."
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  5. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, I believe you are. The ultimate goal of TMS treatment is to reach a place where we can just "be" and live our life. All that mental activity and analysis is exhausting and stressful and creates tension. Just pick a TMS approach and program and follow it, but don't spend more than about an hour an day. The rest of the time just live your life and find joy and peace there, despite your TMS symptoms. This is outcome independence.

    The Sarno video was scripted, yet the people in it are not actors. Therefore, everyone seems wooden and stilted. I wouldn't draw any conclusions from that aspect of it.

    Relax and just take things one day at a time. You are on the right path.
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  6. OnTheRoad

    OnTheRoad Peer Supporter

    Thanks, Ellen. I wondered if the lines were scripted, and the "audience" were not actors...that does account for the "woodenness".

    I am on the right path! Yes, yes, yes. Namaste.

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