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Can psychedelics help with TMS work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Guero Triste, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Guero Triste

    Guero Triste New Member

    Now that psychedelics are being taken seriously, I think this is a discussion we can have. Can something like mushrooms or high dose cannabis edibles have utility in treating TMS? Possibly, though not necessarily, in conjunction with the other mediation, journaling, etc.

    It looks like a field ripe for exploration at the very least.

    Any experiences out there?
  2. Ryanss007

    Ryanss007 New Member

    This is my personal experience.

    while under extremely stressful life events I was recommended to smoke weed to alleviate some of it, it worked temporarily but I think all it did was actuallY suppress the emotions and caused my muscles to tense up which caused an injury at the gym and from there my TMS started.

    Cannabis caused so many psychological issues for me including depersonalization, I dont recommend illicit drugs as a cure for anything. But up to you to try them.
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  3. aaron_rice

    aaron_rice Newcomer

    I think they could potentially be very helpful when it comes to:
    • Tapping into and releasing repressed emotions/trauma
    • Breaking out of habitual patterns, thought loops
    • Releasing self criticism and accessing deeper levels of compassion and forgiveness
    @Ryanss007 I wouldn't lump cannabis in with psychedelics, unless maybe you're talking about very high edible doses. But I agree that it definitely can turn into just another way to check out and numb yourself. That's certainly what it become for me after a number of years and is why I stopped using it altogether.

    Another option to explore might be breathwork (e.g. Holotropic, Shamanic). Stan Grof developed Holotropic Breathwork when LSD became illegal and he could no longer use it with his patients in therapy. After having done a fair amount of work with psychedelics, I've just recently rediscovered breathwork and it has been really powerful for me. I did a workshop over the summer that helped me tap into what feels like this giant pool of sadness and grief that I never knew was there, and it's just been pouring out of me ever since.

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