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Can MBS manifest during sleep?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by DWA, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. DWA

    DWA Peer Supporter

    All of this is new to me. Just found this resource. It is all fascinating, but I'm not sure it applies to me. I've ordered Dr. Sarno's book, and have spent countless hours studying up the last week, but I am curious what more experienced folks think of my "case". I have no chronic pain per se, but about 9 years ago, in my early 40's, I developed my first symptoms of what was eventually diagnosed as Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy (Lots of tests, but no known cause). Essentially, the nerves in my feet are slowly dying off causing numbness and general uncomfortable feelings. The progression is slow and steady and I have two failed EMG's so I guess there is no chance this condition is MBS related. That said, as it worsens and impacts my quality of life I have begun to obsess about finding a cause or a cure for it. This creates a syndrome of googling symptoms, researching, and creating anxiety, depression, fear etc. These "flares" are self created I believe, classic MBS I now think. I've had a few of these spin-outs over the last couple years as the condition worsens. I am in one now that I wonder if it is MBS created or an actual progression of my disease. Three weeks ago, out of nowhere, my hands began to go numb in my sleep. This has never happened before to me, my Neurologist thought maybe a non related carpel tunnel situation, but that has since been ruled out. I am anxious about all of this, and in a bad cycle, but I can't break out of it. Since the first night, it has been multiple episodes of numbness in one or both hands each night and it happens quickly after falling asleep. Getting back to sleep is near impossible with all the fear/anxiety. No problems with my hands during the day. Once awake, shaking and clenching my hands moves some blood and quickly resolves the numbness. My question: Can the fear/anxiety cycle that I am currently in (MBS) be working subconsciously in my sleep and causing these hand related symptoms? Every night? Has anyone else had MBS related symptoms that manifested during sleep? Thanks.
  2. HattieNC

    HattieNC Well known member

    Hi and Welcome DWA!

    You will find a lot of information about various forms of neuropathy on this forum along with success stories. For almost two years, I had burning/shooting/pains and numbness in my feet and toes. I had an EMG that diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuropathy of unknown cause. The doctor wanted me to take Gabapentin, but after I read the side effects I decided it wasn't for me.

    It turned out that mine was TMS and it went away once I started practicing TMS techniques. I was also cured of carpal tunnel. Here's a link to a thread on this forum that you might find beneficial. Please don't give up hope!
    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/beginning-to-think-that-neuropathy-is-the-new-back-pain.18667/ (Beginning to think that neuropathy is the new back pain)
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  3. DWA

    DWA Peer Supporter

    Thank you for your response and posting the link. I had found that thread a few days ago and it did offer some hope. Unfortunately my symptoms have been slow and steadily progressive (they don't come and go and they are never better or worse during a day). Two separate Boston Area Neurologists performed EMG's and both showed moderate to severe Polyneuropathy in my lower legs and feet. There is no cure for IPN. That said, I recognize MBS related symptoms when I obsess about it and that causes the secondary "flares". Learning to control them through MBS training is now my goal. Incidently, I tried Gabapentin too on the advice of my Doctor and it did nothing for me. I have tried everything, but presently take nothing for the numbness/discomfort. Again, thanks for the encouragement...
  4. NorcalBlue

    NorcalBlue New Member

    Any improvement on this?
  5. DWA

    DWA Peer Supporter

    The numbness in my hands during sleep lasted about 45 days. I was able to break the pattern with Ambien, which I took for about three weeks straight and then weened off it. Haven't had a problem since, so this was clear evidence to me that it was TMS. It was NOT an advancement of my PN. I theorize that whatever stress and worry I had with advancement of my neuropathy was manifesting in my subconscious at night. The Ambien knocked me out cold and after several weeks without the numbness in my hands, I was able to have confidence that it wasn't advancement of disease, but mind generated symptoms. My feet, of course, are still numb from PN, as that, sadly is not TMS related...
  6. NorcalBlue

    NorcalBlue New Member

    How did they diagnose you with PN if you don't mind me asking? Ive had two clean NCS and EMG's - they did suspect Small Fiber Neuropathy at first, but have since walked that back. They have no clue what's causing my twitching, numbness, cramping, stiffness, etc. Simply clueless
  7. DWA

    DWA Peer Supporter

    I had numbness starting with one foot by my toes, then it started in my other foot and both feet slowly became worse. Mine is a sensory neuropathy, so more numbness and loss of sensation then pain and tingling. After a couple years of it getting worse I saw a podiatrist who diagnosed me with PN, then confirmed with two Neurologists. I had a failed EMG with each neurologist. I was 42 when the symptoms began and is now 11 years later and it gets slowly worse over time. Best they can figure, my nerve damage was a result of a virus (CMV) that I got while traveling in my late 30's. If your symptoms just came on recently and considering your clean EMG's I would suspect TMS as a potential cause. Clean EMG's should provide you with hope! The brain can do amazing things to mess with us. Good luck to you, but I would really dig into TMS therapy...
  8. jimmylaw9

    jimmylaw9 Peer Supporter

    Hi DWA and Norcal

    I have had lower right back pain in the piriformis area a dull ache for three years. Two years ago I started getting pins n needles in both feet and heel. It progressed over last year waking up with really hot feet which when I moved cooled down. It usually followed vivid dreams which I think were causing it.

    Then over last two months started getting numbness on toes of right foot.

    I had a MRI of spine and bloods etc nothing there. My doc says my feet issue is an unknown neuropathy possible from a pinched nerve or a disturbance in the peripheral nervous system that maybe rectify itself maybe not.

    I have a lot of anxiety over my back and feet but I’ve also had a significant amount of stress (significant) over last three years starting right at time of my back feet issues.

    it’s my belief that they are all related to TMS and I told the doctor that however he maintains it’s just a disturbance to the unknown peripheral nerves.

    He put me on Zoloft/Setraline for anxiety and upped my dose. He believes that my neuropathy will resolve itself.

    I just think they (Docs) don’t think of mind body issues but for me it is the only answer. If I walk about without socks my feet feel slightly better in contact with the ground.

    Also I have read lots online about Zoloft causing numbness but again the doc did not think so even though it’s a side effect.
    I have also read success stories about people resolving these issues with TMS approach so please both of you hang in there and try TMS work to resolve.

    I refuse to give up and have just started doing everything again through gritted teeth n pain telling myself that it’s me that’s causing it via my mind!

    Take control n heal yourself come on you can do it!
  9. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had a bad EMG and neuropathy/numbness in my hands, plus Reynaud's, plus dystonia. I was told by a neurologist and a hand surgeon and other doctors that without a surgery I was not likely to recover. I did not believe them. Neuropathy was gone after about 6 months of TMS work, I still have residual numbness in my fingers, but it is so insignificant that I stopped worrying about it long time ago. It is fading away, but very slowly. In a cold weather, occasionally, I get mild symptoms of Reynaud's. All other symptoms are gone.

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