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Can I go on without an official diagnosis?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Moskito, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Moskito

    Moskito New Member

    Dear All,

    I am happy I found this forum. Actually I wanted to post my question in the Q&A expert-section but somehow it did not work for technical reasons. I would be grateful if somebody could give me a hint on what I have to do. But maybe some of you can also help.

    Thanks an advance. Here is my question (or acutally are - there are acutally 2):

    I understood it is essential to really know that one has TMS. As I live in Germany where I think nobody knows about it in the “medical world” I diagnosed myself while reading The Divided Mind and had a ca. 30 % improvement immediatelly which unfortunately dropped to zero after an osteopath told me there is a structural problem with my sacroiliac joints. (Before that she told me the spine itself does not need treatment which probably supported the TMS approach).

    I know a real diagnosis cannot be given here, but can anybody give me a hint that it is ok to go on with TMS on my own or do I need the official stamp on my forehead? (In fact if the osteopath fails there is nothing else I can do anyway as the pyhsicians are at the end of their ropes, except the ones who recommend surgery.)

    Nobody has found anything on my sacroiliac joints so far, although I saw around 8 physicians during the last 3 years and several MRIs had been taken (shouldn’t it have appeared there?). The latest diagnosis is: severe concentric disc damage L4/L5, protrusion, active erosive osteochondrosis (I think that is something like arthritis), sacralization. I am suffering from severe pain in the low back area that sometimes changed locations within the last 3 month (upper back, shoulder/neck-region and sometime the knees). I can somehow handle the pain that feels like strong tension, but I absoulutely cannot handle the sudden shots that feel like someone stabs a knife into my back. I am afraid to make normal moves then and cannot even run after the bus. I had a lot of physiotherapy and several kind of injections (also epidural) without success. I try to avoid pain killers (antirheumatics) but need them now and then to be able to move. On the other hands I trust osteopaths more than physicians only starring at MRI scans as they diagnose using there hands and that was also how she found out that the spine does not need treatment (she did not see the MRI). If I could be sure that also with the sacroiliac joints there is no structural problem I feel I could follow the TMS approch easier as there will be no doubts then. When can I assume she had enough time to follow her approach? In fact I have 3 more sessions scheduled and tend to having them and end treatment afterwards in case nothing happens. Would that make sense?

    Thanks for answering and thank you all for beeing here which is priceless for people who do not have TMS practioners in the neigbourhood.

    Best regards,


  2. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Guten Tag. Even though you may have something structurally abnormal (a normal abnormality as Dr. Sarno puts it) the medical community can "blame" for pain does not mean your pain is structural. My back pain was blamed on large herniated discs. I chose not to have surgery but to use the TMS approach and I am back-pain-free. I chose to believe that I could heal myself and that my body was strong--even though it's not 20 years old anymore!

    The important question is: what do YOU think or feel deep inside about this? You saw yourself in Dr. Sarno's books. . .
  3. Moskito

    Moskito New Member

    Hi Lori,
    thanks for answering. (hey you speak German!)

    Yes, I saw myself on at least every second page of "The divided mind" and I would like to go on with the TMS approach. I do not have another choice anyway and I also feel comfortable with it. I only thought it would be good not to have doubts from the very beginning because somebody interferes with arguments of the structural side.

    It is good to hear that you and also others succeded.

    I got some more hints the last days (painkillers working for days after I took them, being able to use the treadmill in a fitness center, but not daring to run on the street), so I might be back on TMS-track already more than I thought.

    thanks again and regards


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