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Can’t find a TMS Dr

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Deslin, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Deslin

    Deslin Newcomer

    Hi all, I am In need of some help.
    Long story short I have pain until I have An MRI or tests to rule out something serious, once I get the tests the pain goes away.

    My newest pain is in my shoulder blades. I have seen multiple Drs who all say it is muscular but my mind soars thinking it is more than that. The pain is super inteanse when I lay down to go to sleep or really when ever I think about it... or get stressed. Funny thing is I am an avid weight lifter and when I am lifting or working out the pain is 100% gone?

    The pain, but mostly the anxiety that comes from the pain has got me having severe panic attacks. I have Started to withdrawal and take pain meds just to sleep.

    Anyway, all the Drs say muscles and not one Dr will talk to me about TMS. How do I find Someone to help me over come this? Where do you all turn for help?
  2. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

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