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Can’t anymore am about to kill my self

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Karim, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    I just want to be normal again not rely on remedies or meds
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  2. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    I ama athlete, but some time now, when I excercise I feel like short of breath, like some pressure on my upper belly that difficulty me from breathing
  3. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    No, I'm not saying that. I'm no expert -- I don't know whether LPR is always TMS or not, or whether it sometimes is and sometimes isn't.

    As you don't have any symptoms at night though, this could be a good indication that your throat issue is TMS.

    I suffer a myriad of symptoms that affect various parts of my body (e.g. severe muscle pain and muscle spasms) all of which I believe to be TMS, as well as throat and food pipe symptoms. With most of my other symptoms I can, for the most part, do what people recommend on this website -- treat them as being TMS, i.e. ignore them as best I can and try to get on with my life. However, with my throat and food pipe symptoms it's extremely hard to do that -- my sore throat and hoarseness was accompanied with a cough that kept waking me up at night -- so I decided to treat my symptoms because I can't 'get on with my life' when I'm sleep deprived.

    You sounded desperate for at least some relief from your symptoms, so I took the time and trouble in my posting to list in detail for you what I do that I have found has reduced my symptoms -- for you to take or leave as you wish. Just because what I do helps me cope with LPR-like symptoms, doesn't mean to say that my throat and food pipe issues aren't TMS -- I believe that the brain is powerful and can cause all manner of horrible and debilitating symptoms (to include opening stomach valves when they shouldn't be open!). And one thing I can attest to, is that stress definitely makes my throat and food pipe symptoms worse, which may indicate that my 'LPR' is in fact TMS. (I therefore don't plan to opt for surgery!)

    In choosing to treat my throat and food pipe symptoms, I'm hoping that what will happen is what has happened when I chose to treat some of my past symptoms -- that is, the brain will eventually give up on that particular area of my body and cause me symptoms somewhere else in my body that I am better able to more easily ignore and treat as TMS.

    I'm bowing out of this thread now as I have nothing else to add on this topic.

    I hope you get some relief from your sore throat soon.

    All the best,
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  4. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    Yes you don't have symptoms at night, your throat looks quite healthy, the pain came suddenly out of nowhere. They can't find anything wrong. You have a history of anxiety and other chronic issues. All of this suggests that your pain is a mind body disorder. (TMS)

    I don't believe you will have to take pills or have surgery. Even reflux is stress related a lot of the time.

    I had my tonsils removed but they were much bigger than yours, when my throat pain started. Very strangely, the day I had the operation, afterwards my anxiety went from 100% to about 20%, and my insomnia just disappeared. That was 4 years ago, and I've slept every night since, and before I nearly went insane from not sleeping. It was quite a miracle
  5. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    Before it cam I was having bad nose smell and mucus smelled hideous and breath. I don’t if I was developing this and the exploded.
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  6. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

  7. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    Check your tonsils for tonsil stone, look on google to see what they are. They can smell terrible, its a build up of old debri that stays in little pits in your tonsils. You can squeeze them out, and it smells awful! I dont know if thats what happened, but worth looking
  8. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    I had one and it went away alone
  9. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    Well I hope to heal one day naturally
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  10. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    I really believe you can. If you can see a therapist and work on the anxiety, Im sure you can. People live fulfilling lives when they can't get out of bed, and are debilitated by pain. I'm sure you can get through is. Good luck
  11. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    Thanks yo yo all people
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  12. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    With this lpr or gerd stuff have you ever felt like unwell like a feeling of general malaise. Sometimes I feel like sick or like flu like symptom or like I just have something else there like some cancer developing or something. All my blood work came fine and cancer test came fine. Doctors say that endoscopy can do more damage than good
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  13. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    I often feel generally unwell, especially when I'm in pain, I think thats fairly normal. Try not to worry about cancer or anything if you've had tests.

    The endoscopies they do to look at your vocal cords dont do any damage. They put it up the nose, I did it without any numbing, and it was fine
  14. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    That’s q larigoscopy I had one they diagnosed me silent reflux
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  15. thecomputer

    thecomputer Well known member

    I had a gastro endoscopy as well as many normal endoscopies. The gastro one they looked for a hiatal hernia. Its worth doing this to check if you can
  16. Beawake

    Beawake New Member

    KarimPeer Supporter
    Before it cam I was having bad nose smell and mucus smelled hideous and breath. I don’t if I was developing this and the exploded.

    I have experienced this a few time and so has my friend both of us have tms. Well she doesn’t much now she beat it.
    It sounds like your tms has come back for some reason and you just need to show it who’s boss like you did with the crps ect. You did it once you can do it again. In the future it will give up and maybe you only get a headache like most people when stressed
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  17. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    My GI didn’t order me a endoscopy he said it suppose to show I’m the Ct scan maybe barium test but he didn’t told me about posible endoscopy
  18. Tms_joe

    Tms_joe Well known member

    It would be really wonderful to see you accept this condition and then instead focus on your mental health.

    If you could literally remove your attention as often as possible away from this and allow it to be, it would go away. A relapse is likely until you’ve cured the sources of your anxiety.

    Life is just testing you. All the things you think you can’t do in life bc of this condition become available to you as soon as you do what is stated in that first sentence.

    The fact you believe you are in a special kind of situation, and the fact the doctors reinforce that, locks you into a special, fictitious hell.

    Find the courage to ignore(not get angry with) everybody who doesn’t believe it’s TMS including the doctors. Then maybe buy them a bottle of you favorite hot sauce ;)
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  19. samuelp180

    samuelp180 Peer Supporter

    Hang in there. I am only 17 and i had a sore throat for 3 years and had the same thoughts you have. I am now 100% pain free.
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  20. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    Due to acid reflux?

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