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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by rob89, Aug 20, 2021.

  1. rob89

    rob89 New Member

    Afternoon guys

    Some may have seen my other posts...I’m getting there, every single day now is better than this time a year ago. The pain/problems I had have reduced by at least 70-80%.


    Recently I have started getting a stinging sensation in my upper back, and my traps to their attachment at the base of the skull. Main areas though are upper traps and upper back.

    my skin feels sunburnt. It is very sensitive. Any movement and my clothing causes pain. The skin isn’t particularly warm to touch. I just feel like I have very bad sunburn.

    It is bad when I wear a coat or jacket. When I just have a T-shirt on it’s not as bad but still there. When I have no top on, I don’t feel any burning at all. It also tends to be worse in the days after training. My training is perfect, all going so well. I still do worry though, once I’ve trained, that the coming days may be a struggle. It’s definitely conditioned behaviour. I usually find that in the days after my training I’m in much more discomfort than the training should have caused. It’s like my unconscious grabs on to the fact I’ve trained and turns that tap of pain on- to make me think the training is the issue. I’m taking that now the ‘pain’ doesn’t stop me like it used to, there has been a change of plan and suddenly this burning/stinging feeling is it’s next attempt at beating me?

    my question is, has anyone dealt with this type of thing before; having overcome ‘pain’ they may have been experiencing. I suppose I should ask has this been symptom imperative for others and have you noticed it as you get towards that end goal?

    I have felt this kind of sensation before. But not this bad.

    I’ve had every test/diagnostic known to man so I’m sure there’s nothing going on. Just interested to see if anyone else has had this; as I don’t recall noticing a lot of people with this type of manifestation.

    worth noting....maybe... that 99.9% of my pain over the last 3 years has been in my neck/traps. So maybe a new sensation, stinging and burning is simply a replacement or a partner for the dull and deep pain I usually experience .
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2021

    ITATTRACTS Newcomer

    Hey, new here but I went through a period last year where I had these same feelings, I started getting them in my legs, (top of my shin and my feet) and it occasionally manifested itself in the same areas you are experiencing now. I'd get it randomly in my upper traps, sometimes just on one shoulder or up around my ears. Like you, I didn't have any redness or "itching", just this sunburnt, stinging feeling. Thee were times when it felt like the effected areas were literally being pressed against something very hot. I went for MRI's because I was frightened I might have early MS but nothing showed up. This was part of a long stretch that I still find myself in of mystery ailments that have no real explanation. After doing more self evaluation, I believe TMS is the culprit. This burning/stinging went away on it's own after a few months and now I have all new mysteries. Hang in there, I hope this goes away for you.
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  3. Cincinnati_S

    Cincinnati_S New Member

    I have similar symptoms all over and believe it is a directly related to a heightened nervous system.
  4. Vladan

    Vladan Peer Supporter

    Its directed to bad negative fearfull thoughts,believe it or not,stop paying attention on ur physical symptoms,watch ur thoughts,replace negative ones with positive ones,monitor it and shift it. Physical is not important here,over 100 symptoms i had,untill i switched my outlook of life it never stop.

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