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Burning leg pain for so long- is it truly TMS??

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Smb081818, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Smb081818

    Smb081818 New Member

    Hi, I am a wife & mom of 2- I have suffered chronic burning nerve pain in my lower leg, & pressure (all over) leg, worse when sitting and have had for over a year and looking for advice after trying it all... I mean LITERALLY it all, including every test, Dr, and a trip to Mayo Clinic. I’ve had thousands of $ in bills and no answers! I have days I get extremely depressed because there are no answers and the pain gets so bad. I’m only 29 and can’t continue like this much longer. I’ve followed Dr Shubiner a while but I don’t know if I believe it is MBS (or TMS) 100% as I tried a few weeks and not much relief it any - am I not trying hard enough or need to give it longer? Is it truly TMS? It is pretty much constant but sometimes changes from burning to pressure and intensifies greatly by sitting or driving (worst!!) it didn’t start during a stressful time in life but I’ve had a stressful childhood if helpful.. no real injury excpect for jumping of counter. Advice wanted and greatly appreciated!
  2. mister_burger

    mister_burger New Member

    hi and welcome,

    You mentioned you've followed Dr H. Schubiner for a while. Do you mean you consulted him? Or you read his book "Unlearn Your Pain" ?

    When I first learnt about Dr Sarno and TMS, I hesitated a lot to be honest. I went to my physical therapist and told him about Dr Sarno's books, how maybe it was all in my head! Then my PT grabbed my achilles tendons, manipulated my legs and told me clearly that it was PHYSICAL, that it was inflammed, it was hard, compared to his other patients, that my calves were tight, etc. He tried really hard to make me understand it was not TMS since he didn't believe in it.

    I was at two very big orthopedic units, and the doctors couldn't tell me much. Just that it was some "inflammation". They really tried to convince me taking pills and putting a brace would cure me. It didn't.

    What did you try exactly? going back to exercising or journaling?
    The physical part was tough for me. I had PT 2x a week and I was wearing heel lifts with cushioning at that time. It took me a leap of faith, because just like you, I did not know if it was TMS. Not even 50% convinced at first. Only reading through the book and watching his interviews (youtube) did I think : what do I have to lose at this point? Might as well try and stick to it for a week, see how it goes! I did see radical improvements, though I used dr Sarno's books.

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