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Bruce Lipton Questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Kalo, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi All,

    I have been going through TMS hell and I am so desperate at this point that I started listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton.

    In searching his name on the TMSWIKI, there seemed to be quite a good stuff mentioned about him. So, I decieded to read biology of belief.

    While, I enjoyed the book, I also viewed Lipton's youtube videos and I am sorry to say this guys sounds like a SNAKE OIL SALES MAN.

    Worst yet, has anyone gone on his website? If you do click on the his "other Resource" and look a the SNAKE OIL list of Self help that he promotes https://www.brucelipton.com/other-resources

    You could say Lipton is to biology\genetics what Deepak Chopra is to quantum physics. He wraps himself in the cloak of science and looks impressive to those who don't know any better.

    To me, Dr. Lipton is starting to sound like another peddler for law-of-attraction (LOA) which could be summarized as the belief that our minds can control matter, both inside and outside our own bodies.

    Many in the alternative health community cite him as their scientific authority for their ideas. I've seen Lipton supporting homeopathy, energy healers, and chiropractors.

    Since my Mom has gotten pancreatic cancer, I have experienced lots of TMS and multiple systems in at once..

    Elbow pain, back pain, white tongue (that a natural quackter) try to tell me have Candida overgrowth and parasites. I never wanted to go to the Naturoquackter, but, a friend convinced me.

    All scary stuff, to be honest, I dislike the natural quackters worst then the white coates...

    Thanks for letting me vent!

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  2. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Kalo,

    I love a good rant!

    And I do know what you mean. I enjoyed his book but when I listened to him I thought he sounded coked off his tits.

    I think the science is one thing. The salesmanship is something else. Possibly because I'm a Brit I find this kind of full on merchandising vulgar in the extreme, not to mention demoralising.

    Far and away the best healing methods (for me) are understanding and working with the nervous system and respecting the fact that we are simply wild souls living in a natural world largely corralled into obedience by civilisation. That in itself is enough to f*** anyone up.
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  3. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi Plum,

    I agree with you 100 percent. But, my point is if he doesn't even sound like a real scientist and I dislike to say this, but, his collegues have said that his concepts are wrong! Okay, whether he gets peer respect from other biologist is one thing, however, the way Lipton acts makes me start to wonder if what he says he discovered is actual fact?

    How could a biologist of his statue support homathopathy, energy healing, chiropractor?

    Dr. Sarno, NEVER promoted homeopathy, energy healing, etc. as to actual healing? Dr. Sarno, in reviewing his lectures sounded EDUCATED, like a doctor and HUMBLE and truly wanted to help patients. Even Dr. Schubiner is very humble educated, and yes, he sells a product to help people but Doesn't support BUNK like this crazy guy does...

    I believe that the nervous system causes all of our problems...My FEARS are learnt through childhood...But do I believe I can heal and talk to my subconscious mind through Rob William Psych K? This guy is in cohoots with Lipton and Psych K cost loads of MONEY, plus doesn't work. How do I know, a friend of mine got roped into to it and Psych K is nothing more muscle testing/Kinesiology BULLSHIT....Guess, what? It did not change her subconscious mind in 10 minutes.

    So, how do we get the flight or fight to come down so our bodies can heal??? I don't know, but, all these different techniques from the likes of Lipton is very discouraging and to be truthful causes more stress when one is desperate.

  4. mouser

    mouser Peer Supporter

    I think he is right in that we are not prisoners of our DNA, but yes, after that it seems to be all about sales.

    I think it's not immoral to make a living by what you know, but many authors in his group seem to be about sales. I take what I can for free because right now, I don't have money to spare. I got Dr. Sarno's book at the library.

    But yes, it makes me sad when I read and admire someone's work and find later they talk about horoscopes and tinctures. :-/
  5. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi Mouser,

    But, my point is how legit is this guy? Even when he lectures he sounds like Tony Robbins...He sounds like a con artist and to be truthful it's not that he sell stuff on his site...It's the links to OTHER SCAMS he has on his site to help people....He doesn't sound like a biologist who is educated...

    When Dr. Sarno, educated his patients and they would attend his education class, he had a DOCTORS demeanor of compassion, and STERNESS of what really caused peoples pain. You can see when someone came in with herniated disc and sciatic pain or whatever ailment they had; he would say in a CONVINCING, EDUCATED way, "there is no way a disc can cause pain in the sciatic nerve and how it moves around"...HE KNEW HIS STUFF because he was the REAL DEAL....

    He NEVER, told anyone to go to a chiropractor, energy healer, etc, and he NEVER had links on a website that promoted such QUACKERY the way Lipton is associated with...

    I am sure I come off obsessive about this but this guy is supposed to be a biologist...

  6. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi All,

    I've actually been thinking about this for some time aswell.

    As mind body medicine becomes it's own billion dollar industry it's pivotal that those who use any complimentary medicine can use sound reasoning to distinguish between good and bad practice.

    As part of this forum it's important to steer people away from concepts which may exploitative in nature.

    A few things one should look out for when assessing a complimentary concept are:

    1. Who is providing the concept? It's important to check the individuals qualifications and background.

    2. Is the person championing the modality connected with reputable and credible bodies?

    3. Is there any scientific weight for / against the concept, or any peer reviewed studies.

    4. Is the modality driven purely for commercial gain. You'll see certain techniques charge over the odds.

    If you ponder on the above when assessing the practicality of a technique it can be beneficial in the long-term. Certainly, not every modality will have scientific weight because it may be in it's infancy, BUT you will be able to differentiate between good and bad practice.

    Kalo, as much as I love this forum and the wonderful people, it's important to decipher what's useful and what resonates with you.

    I almost feel like this topic requires a "sticky" thread. It's certainly an important topic.
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  7. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi Mike2014,

    It makes me wonder if his discovery that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs is really true?

    I want to BELIEVE it is true, but I have done some research and have gone on actual science boards that have actually debunked his "theory"!

    Then, I went on his website and you see this SNAKE OIL links that he is associated with.

    So is his genes and DNA manipulation by beliefs an actual DISCOVERY or just a THEORY?

    If it is a DISCOVERY, then why hasn't the scientific community given him kudos for his break through work?

    And, why is he on the QUACK Watch?

    Also, think about it, if Lipton really made an important discovery, why is he linked up with bogus SCAMS to cure one?

    I think this review says it all in a nice way and ways I could not have elobrated in words
    http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/bruce-lipton-biology-of-belief-2 (Biology of Belief? Bruce Lipton Reviewed)

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