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Breathing problems interfering with meditation

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by nowa, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. nowa

    nowa Peer Supporter

    I have been a mouth breather for my whole life ever since my nose was broken at age 3, despite having plastic surgery at age 30... But it never interfered with meditation as it has done since I developed the symptom about 10 years ago, of not being able to take a deep breath without coughing. Which I can sometimes cure with relaxation. However, during my current extinction burst I cannot even breathe normally through my nose, because my mouth is always open, and I panic when i try to breathe through my nose. my mouth has been very weak on one side since I had bell's Palsy 7 years ago, but it has never interfered with my breathing until the last month...

    I am ashamed to say that I also drool. since I had bells palsy, but never as much as I do at the moment

    any advice on breathing would be very helpful
  2. nowa

    nowa Peer Supporter

    I think I have found the answer in day 7 of the Pain Recovery Program;

    The Triad of Pain

    Fear, pressure, and criticism activate our danger signals, prevent our brains from feeling safe, and perpetuate a cycle of pain. It’s important to recognize these behaviors and the impact they can have, so that we’re able to change them.
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  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Extinction burst is the key. You may experience bizarre new symptoms. Read my book, section on extinction bursts, and keep moving. You are doing well!
  4. nowa

    nowa Peer Supporter

    thanks TG, I will!

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