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Day 10 break up and back pain

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by DogPound 3, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. DogPound 3

    DogPound 3 New Member

    I started this program at the same time my 12 year relationship is ending. And boy did my back get hit hard , almost to the point of not being able to move. My usual tms pain is an aching in the left butt, hip and leg and is pretty consistent. The back pain was a "9" yesterday until I had a release of many tears, and back pain dropped to a "5" almost immediately and about a "3" right now.

    The thing that I don't understand is how NOT to focus on the pain when it keeps me from moving.
    that's my story...today
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  2. scootertoe

    scootertoe New Member

    Dear Dog Pound,
    I totally hear what you are saying. The pain can be overwhelming but what I have tried to do in the short time I am following the program is to use deep breathing, meditation and affirmations to help me work through the pain. Not easy but the only way I know right now. Wishing you the best!
  3. Marian

    Marian Peer Supporter

    For me this is the hardest part... breaking that cycle of focusing on the pain. But it seems to be happening gradually as I feel less powerless in relation to the whole situation and become more and more convinced that I can actually do this! I predict that as you become less anxious (and deep breathing and meditation do help) you will find your pain-focus will slowly begin to lose its tight grip. Releasing emotions like you did really gives you a clue that you are on the right track. Wishing you great success with this.
  4. DogPound 3

    DogPound 3 New Member

  5. DogPound 3

    DogPound 3 New Member

    I am definitely finding the deep breathing is working. The pain is still there and moving down the leg but I haven't allowed it to keep from walking a couple of miles.
    certainly difficult.
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  6. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    DogPound 3, focus on a part of your body that doesn't hurt instead of the area that does. Like do you have a big toe or finger that doesn't hurt, well focus there when you feel the pain ok. And I want to pass to you some great advice that helped me from Eugene Gendlin's book called "Focusing". Now his style of focusing is different so I will let him say it in his own words, you will have to go over and over this technique till you figure it out but it will help you ok.

    1. Clearing a space What I will ask you to do will be silent, just to yourself. Take a moment just to relax. All right—
    now, inside you, I would like you to pay attention inwardly, in your body, perhaps in your stomach or chest. Now see
    what comes there when you ask, "How is my life going? What is the main thing for me right now?" Sense within
    your body. Let the answers come slowly from this sensing. When some concern comes, DO NOT GO INSIDE IT.
    Stand back, say "Yes, that's there. I can feel that, there." Let there be a little space between you and that. Then ask
    what else you feel. Wait again, and sense. Usually there are several things.
    2. Felt sense From among what came, select one personal problem to focus on. DO NOT GO INSIDE IT. Stand back from it.
    Of course, there are many parts to that one thing you are thinking about—too many to think of each one alone. But
    you can feel all of these things together. Pay attention there where you usually feel things, and in there you can get a sense of what all of the problem feels like. Let yourself feel the unclear sense of all of that.
    3. Handle What is the quality of this unclear felt sense? Let a word, a phrase, or an image come up from the felt sense itself. It might be a quality-word, like tight, sticky, scary, stuck, heavy, jumpy, or a phrase, or an image. Stay with the quality of the felt sense till something fits it just right.
    4. Resonating Go back and forth between the felt sense and the word (phrase, or image). Check how they resonatewith each other. See if there is a little bodily signal that lets you know there is a fit. To do it, you have to have the felt sense there again, as well as the word.
    Let the felt sense change, if it does, and also the word or picture, until they feel just right in capturing the quality of the felt sense.
    5. Asking Now ask: What is it, about this whole problem, that makes this quality (which you have just named or pictured)?
    Make sure the quality is sensed again, freshly, vividly (not just remembered from before). When it is here again, tap it, touch it, be with it, asking, "What makes the whole problem so ____?" Or you ask, "What is in this sense?"
    If you get a quick answer without a shift in the felt sense, just let that kind of answer go by. Return your attention to your body and freshly find the felt sense again. Then ask it again.
    Be with the felt sense till something comes along with a shift, a slight "give" or release.
    6. Receiving Receive whatever comes with a shift in a friendly way. Stay with it a while, even if it is only a slight release. Whatever comes, this is only one shift; there will be others. You will probably continue after a little while,but stay here for a few moments.
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  7. DogPound 3

    DogPound 3 New Member

    Thanks Eric . I will give it a shot but I agree that I will have to go over it several times.
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  8. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I posted this in another thread but I believe it will be beneficial for when you wake up in the mornings to have a great day, make sure to try this also ok.

  9. DogPound 3

    DogPound 3 New Member

    Thanks for this. I like the affirmations to change the negative thoughts. Btw, I think I see a UGA hat!

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