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Day 7 Brain tries to stop me, pain occurs

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by SebastianM, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. SebastianM

    SebastianM Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone,

    I am on my seventh day of SEP. Today is relaxing day without an exercise. I had a very nice and wonderful weekend and was very active.
    Since yesterday (I had a little fitness workout about 30 minutes) the pain in my shoulders turned into a feeling of numbness and spread into the area of my upper chest, arms, ellbows, fingers and back. So it was very hard today not to feel anxiety. I always tried to be hopeful and looking forward but I paid much energy.
    Right now I finished reading the article about breaking hte pain cycle (http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Breaking_the_Pain_Cycle,_by_Alan_Gordon,_LCSW (Breaking the Pain Cycle, by Alan Gordon, LCSW)) and it is great to get an answer for the changing pain and weird feelings in my body.
    I have to admit that today I have a bit more doubt concerning my pain. But after reading the article the hope increased.
    My state of mind is very confused. I am overwheelmed about the things I learn about me and my childhood at the moment. Maybe this is also responsible for my pain because I cannot stand this strong confusion in my head. I have to say that I enjoy exploring my feelings and thoughts from the present and the past. Sometimes it feels like a valve when thoughts come into my mind and effect a strong feeling (positive and/or negative).
    I am curious concerning the next days, weeks, and so on.

    If anyone has suggestions to overcome fear and doubt, it would be great to hear them.

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  2. Melody

    Melody New Member

    Hello SebastianM,
    This may sound silly but whenever I get afraid I look in the mirror, smile and tell myself that I'm alright
  3. Lady Phoenix

    Lady Phoenix Peer Supporter

    You need to be patient. Things will slowly get better and better. Keep doing the SEP and if possible, read one of the Sarno books again 30 min a day if you have time. The journaling was the most difficult for me because it made me upset and sad but it's worth it! I feel great now 98% of the time and I rarely need to go back to the sad part (only if I am around certain relatives).
  4. Juno

    Juno Peer Supporter

    When I feel the fear, I try to think "if I died in the next few days or weeks, would I want to spend my last days in fear?" It sounds a little macabre, but I always say to myself "no, I would want to live my life bravely and joyfully." Because that is the fear. That this pain is something terminal. If it is, I don't want to spend that time miserable, and if it's not (and it's not), then I spent this time as should have.
  5. SebastianM

    SebastianM Peer Supporter

    Thank you so much!
    When I woke up this morning I again had this terrible feeling. Everytime I go to sleep while having pain which is stronger than I can accept, I wake up insecured. The first thought I have is "How does my body feel?". Unconsciously I panic-fueled feel into every part of my body.
    It costs much energy to fight against this "scanning" and thinking about the pain. Today I could reduce it by doing the following things:
    1. Opening this thread and reading your answers. Thank you, I really thank you. It gave me power, hope and optimism.
    2. Breathing in deeply and slowly.
    3. Being very long in my warm bathroom and feeling the pleasent feeling that induced relaxation.
    4. I tried to do Juno's and Melody's suggestions. At first it felt little strange but I think it helped a bit. Thanks!
    5. On my way to university I talked to my brain: "Brain, I know what you try to do! Try it, but you will see that I am stronger and I don't care about the pain."

    Again, it costs much energy to do these things and I need time and rest to keep it going. I am looking forward to the next episode where the pain is less :).

    This forum helps so much!

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