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Boils using tms methods

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by barzal, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. barzal

    barzal New Member

    Can I heal a boil via tms principles. I have healed many tms pain problems. Sarno, Ozanich etc. Boil is at hair line back of head at neck. Hard to ignore and can't see. Want to treat by not treating it. It was caused because I was boiling over in anger due to not being able to confront someone who uses my land without paying for it.

    Had a boil on my leg three or 4 years ago due to similar reasons. On my leg I was able to ignore it on my neck near impossible. Leg took a year to resolve but I didn't panic. My body style tms is result of lifelong issues that I'm working on constantly and I resolve slowly but see results. Seems boils result from present experiences.

    Can't go a year with boil on my neck. I have been treating it in the natural remedy way which makes me focus on it too much. Anyone have a clue. Steve maybe.
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Barzal. You won't have to wait a year for the boil to go away. You already know it's from TMS, from anger.
    Maybe think on that person who uses your land without paying for it. Try to think of what their reasoning is.
    Maybe they really need the land use but don't have money to pay you. Maybe they or their family is in bad health.

    If the person won't communicate with you about it, maybe just let it go. Let them use you, as the Lord said that if you
    mean a man without a shirt, give him your shirt and coat (or words like that). Be generous and giving and the rewards
    you get will be in peace of mind and heart and your boil will go away.

    Go ahead and also treat the boil with a natural remedy, but try to change your mind so the anger turns to forgiveness
    which will bring you peace.
  3. barzal

    barzal New Member

  4. barzal

    barzal New Member

    Thanks Walt,
    My son was saying a similar thing about not getting worked up about everything which I tend to do, true to my personality get oversensitized to everything even how the person next to me parks his car. Been tough to dial down that aspect of myself. Your soothing words will go along way.
  5. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Barzal, and welcome to the forum! I know what you mean about being oversensitized. I wonder if that is like a hidden additional TMS trait. Walt's wisdom is great, and I completely agree.

    It sounds like you really know your TMS. Using my Kindle versions, I checked and the good doctor doesn't mention "boils" explicitly in any of his three most recent books. However, he does mention infections regularly. Here is what he said in The Divided Mind (pp. 27-28):
    What I take from this is that with infections, there is what Dr. Sarno calls a "bona fide disease process," and that there is a real battle between your immune system and some bacteria inside of you that essentially want to eat your flesh (lovely!) but is being fought off by your immune system. While Dr. Sarno wrote, "the infections must be treated 'medically,'" I think that he was referring to situations when the infection could become dangerous, so if that isn't the case, you are good. In terms of the medical approach, though, the following may help.

    Bravo for not letting it distract you!
  6. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Barry, you have a very wise and loving son. Give him a hug, from you and from me.

    I know what it's like to be pissed by people, even how the guy next to you parks his car.
    I used to live in Evanston, near Chicago, and people parked their cars in front of my house
    and left it for days and even weeks if they went on vacation. It drove me nuts.
    And car alarms were always going off everywhere because I lived near a train stop
    where people parked all day, and also by a hospital and fire station where I heard sirens in my sleep.

    We're quiet loving people in a very noisy world, and we're nice guys in a world with too many a-holes.
    But I try to focus on the few quiet and nice ones. Now I can add you.
  7. barzal

    barzal New Member

    Thanks folks loved this forum for a long time. Posted before couldn't remember my old name or password. Barry is my name Barzal means metal in hebrew and as it turns out it's the union of my hebrew and english name. Barry and Zalman, I've been working in metal for 37 years. It was cool when I discovered the name. I sign all my sculptures BarZal.

    I did read that in Sarno Forrest. Here is my deal other than emergency room injuries I haven't visited a medical MD in 25 years. In my line of work I've had many burns breaks etc. Most I've healed reading Sarno and my body is pretty twisted up to boot from lifting too much etc. Of course I thought I couldn't heal but the true pain was tms.
    So I have been around the block on many physical issues.

    I think you can gnarl yourself up pretty bad which is permanent and still function well, The damage I have is permanent but the pain is 100% tms. Gee Wiz boil pain I hate more for some reason as it hammers home some present issues. What would happen if I actually had to go to a medical Doctor.

    Just added: yes Forest I'm sure oversensitivity is TMS. Hope you add that one.

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014
  8. njoy

    njoy aka Bugsy

    I had a spate of boils (pre-Sarno) which I now think were TMS. I put Vitamin A on them and they went away every time! Same thing with a huge plantar wart -- Vitamin E and it was gone in 24 hours (physiologically impossible, I think -- it was HUGE and deep into my foot). Got to love placebo effect and yes, of course, there's a physical component (infection or whatever) but the psychological seems, many times, to matter more.
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  9. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hooray for vitamin A and E.

    Barzal, I too have had little need to see a doctor, thank heaven.
    I try to stay away from doctors or hospitals. Most of the time, the body heals itself,
    with the help of thinking TMS.
  10. barzal

    barzal New Member

    Thanks Njoy and Walt , I'm trying to get through this, it's continuing to be difficult, though I'm fighting it the best I can. I'm using some traditional methods and recognizing that I am also the cause for it. Your comments give me the encouragement to push through.

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