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Biggest Fear Came True

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by AlyssaCa, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. AlyssaCa

    AlyssaCa New Member

    I used to suffer with TMS pain in my ankle a couple of years ago. I was able to beat that pain by forcing myself to exercise and reading Doctor Sarno's books over and over again.

    Even so, I never completely beat the fear of getting hurt or hurting my ankle. Occasionally, I would also get pain in my ankle and I would know it was TMS. The painful spot I used to suffer with TMS is exactly where it would hurt if you had sprained your ankle.

    Today though I slipped and I felt my ankle roll when running. I didn't feel any pain when the ankle rolled, my first reaction was oh no I must have hurt it, I may not be able to run again. I was able to walk and get back home with pain levels of 2-3, but I noticed ever since the fall, the ankle pain has been a roller coaster, sometimes it hurts sometimes it doesn't. Seems to hurt in the same spot as it did with TMS, but I also noticed old TMS ways coming back.

    I feel like my old TMS ways are coming back like checking for pain and fear that I won't be able to live pain free again. I'm also wondering if it's a real injury or TMS.

    Normally I would go to a doctor, but when I had TMS bad the first time years ago, I was diagnosed with an ankle sprain! I had never rolled my ankle either, it's just that TMS really limited the blood flow in my foot causing pain and limited motion.

    How should I handle this?
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2021
  2. PsychePsyche

    PsychePsyche New Member

    Good to know that you are still able to manage it up to this moment. You are right, it is much better if you are going to consult a doctor specialist. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
  3. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    I'm sorry to read this. Maybe its best to get a check up at the Drs. Then if all is clear, and even if it isn't why not begin the SEP again?
    I'm just staring my 2nd journey as despite being successful the first time on eliminating back pain and IBS. I have recently been diagnosed with PsA and Fibromyalgia. So I'm going back to SEP as I believe it may help again.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  4. AlyssaCa

    AlyssaCa New Member

    The ankle has gotten better! I think it's a real sprain, but a minor one, I seen a noticeable improvement with the pain and even seen TMS make a return by irritating other parts of my ankle or other tendons.

    Toby2015, oh no I am sorry you are doing it again. I think I also struggle with IBS symptoms and that one just feels so tough to beat because it 's like how do you make your digestive system stop acting up? It's like if I eat something, I can't always control the outcome. I used to have some IBS symptoms before this ankle and those are completely gone right now!!!

    I hope you win your second fight.
    Toby2015 likes this.
  5. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    That's good news. Hopefully some rest will resolve it.
    I haven't had IBS back like it was since I did my SEP, Its now for the alleged Fibro pain that I am doing the journey again. I do understand your plight though, when you don't know the trigger its hard to control. I found that it wasn't anything food related, simply stress which of course is TMS.
    Thank you, I have faith in the system. x

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