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Day 4 Best birthday!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Scytaic, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Scytaic

    Scytaic Peer Supporter

    I woke up quite early today (about 6ish) and it's 1pm now and so far I've had no symptoms! Yesterday I felt like a punching bag but now I feel almost normal! I still have the fluid feeling which is now starting to feel like it's moving around rather than being stuck and it has a new trigger now too. I feel it as I wipe, as if I'm triggering some nerve to cause the fluid feeling or as if there's actually free fluid that I'm wobbling around by wiping. My clit and above (the hood?) is still super super sensitive and after I wiped and everything, as I was walking upstairs it felt very weird for a second as my legs were rubbing on it. Like just way oversensitive. I hate how oversensitive it is to touch, is that a normal TMS thing? Has anyone actually had pain/sensations only while touching? I hope so because it's making me feel like I have a nerve problem. I am getting some muscle spasms - mostly around my butt for some reason, but they're completely painless so it's easy to ignore. I'm feeling pretty good physically overall so I'm happy! It's my birthday today and I'm trying not to get into the whole "woe is me, I'm spending my birthday in fear and with muscle spasms". I'm actually super happy because this is the first time I've ever celebrated my birthday with someone who is my family (my amazing fiancé!) because this is the first year of him living here and my family don't/never have celebrated birthdays. So it's a very exciting and a very emotional time for me haha! :) And of cause I'm so grateful for the past 3 years my best friends have celebrated my birthday with me too! <3 I can't thank them enough and I'm so lucky to have them. Oh, I'm also so grateful for this forum and program too! So yep, today is a good day. :D

    Answer to todays question:
    The worst thing so far has been that they haven't said anything at all. Especially the ubgyn. I've just felt angry about it. I hate that she said and did absolutely nothing but "come back in October" after paying so much for the FIVE minute appointment with her. She literally just cut me off after I only got to list 2 symptoms, when she examined me she said nothing except mumbled "could be hormones" when she saw I had excess discharge. Like yes... I know I have hormones... WHAT hormones are you talking about and what are they doing exactly?! And for 2 more months I'm left even more confused, scared and depressed with no answers or treatment. The worst is the fear of it getting worse in that time and becoming something irreversible (especially because the doctor mentioned bladder cancer in the referral letter). I'm getting married on the 28th and I'm on my honeymoon until the 1st of September. Instead of being happy and excited, I'm just feeling like this. The whole reason I paid privately for the ubgyn was to get quicker answers before the wedding and now she's on annual leave until September, ugh! Anyway, I like my GP doctor a lot and I'm hoping to see him before the wedding if it's possible. He helped me so much with my last TMS symptoms, he seems to know a lot about it which makes me feel SO lucky. He's honestly the best doctor in the world. I guess the only disheartening thing he's said regarding the symptoms is that I probably know more about IC than he does which was hard to hear when I needed reassurance from him. Hopefully he was joking lol.
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  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member



    Wishing you many more pain free days

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  3. Scytaic

    Scytaic Peer Supporter

    Thank you so much!! <3
  4. harlet

    harlet Newcomer

    –°ongratulations on your last birthday
  5. paulm

    paulm New Member

    Conglatulatons, It is very important to allow yourself to celebrate when you are fighting an illness.
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  6. daniebama

    daniebama New Member

    Happy birthday and keep going!! Best birthday present ever!
  7. casts

    casts Newcomer

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