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Bert Hellinger - Family Constellations

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by pues_wholigan, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. pues_wholigan

    pues_wholigan Newcomer

    New here. Have had TMS move into various areas of my life for a while now. One thing that has helped that I did a quick search on that I couldn't see listed here was something I have just discovered. It is called Family Constellations.

    From what I gather it's basically a family relationship healing tool that has broad reaches in its effect. It's from a man named Bert Hellinger in Germany. Apparently they do group meetings of some kind and it appears to get some good results.

    I have never done a session with anybody, but, I have found good results with it by mentally semi sortedly doing the exercises just with my imagination and it has helped various pains.

    It has to do with ancestors or relatives like a great-grandparent or a great-great-grandparent that has somehow gone through a traumatic experience or had a rough time with life, which apparently if you are born in todays age, probably fits the bill. Through healing the various relationships, illnesses and circumstances can change for the better. Not quite sure I can put into words how it has helped me with TMS, but it certainly has.

    http://www.skepdic.com/hellinger.html - There is a link to a skeptic writer critiquing it, so you can inform yourself a bit more naturally there. This link has a good explanation of it aswell.

    I suggest that you Google search "Bert Hellinger family constellations (******)" and put where the stars are, one of your issues you have maybe been journaling about in your journals.

    I have been helped by this TMS forum very much so and believe those of us who get to the point where you try to stand on your aching foot, or thrust yourself into physical activity, or face anxiety, are some of the bravest and strongest people out there. I haven't had as much luck with it as compared to some folks but it still has propelled me forward and gave me hope when I felt alone. It clearly shows that the effort is there and that you have the will to beat TMS.

    If any of this helps any of you, great! Like I said I am not too familiar with it as I have only done a few mental exercises but maybe some of you may find that going to a session could help, or buying a book or something. Or read on the web as there are plenty of well written articles out there that could help too and I suggest you google around.

    Hope that was understandable and that it could help somebody out there

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