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beliefs and mentality

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ryan, May 19, 2017.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member

    I wanted to write this to help shed some light on issues that I have seen in my journey, in hopes that it will help others. So many get caught when finding out about TMS is that they have to work hard and having a doing mentality. Also in the same instance they become a victim of there circumstances. So with the tms the person then tries to fix every problem quickly and control the situation. Then they complain and compare to other people about there problems yet do not want to take any accountability for there own life.

    As this cycle persists they look for answers in the constant obsessive personality, whether it be read this book, constantly badgering about the past, trying to find the exact emotion, blaming on someone else, or thinking that if I go to therapy for a long period of time maybe that will fix me. I'm not against therapy by any means, i believe it helps people open up to another person and be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is the antidote to shame. Its always good to have someone to express to that will give you good feedback. Yet a lot of people go to therapy for a while and don't get better. In my experience is due to the fact they dont understand what TMS is about. If your constantly obsessing on your faults, other people faults, emotions, or pasts (I believe in working in the past for closure not to wallow in experience time and time again) you will not heal because you are still worried that something needs to be done. Got to let go and go live life each day and take on each challenge. My life isn't perfect and never will be, but when i am confronted with conflict or problems now i embrace them and have a positive outlook on them. I enjoy having these moments because you learn how to grow and how putting you out of your comfort zone is a good thing. It shows you that you can handle life and not become a victim to it, like a lot of us our taught, trust me i learned this one the hard way. As tmsers we hate being out of our comfort zone because we want to control everything so we dont get hurt. You have to move forward and change who you are each day for the better.

    The next is beliefs, many people lives are based off of lies about the truth of who they are. There beliefs become there reality, if you think I'm going to be just like my parents because that is how they were, then you will be a victim to that reality if thats what you believe. You can change who you are by believing something different, then the hard part is putting it to action. Life is changing everyday its just which type of change do you chose. It will not happen overnight, but our core beliefs have a big effect on the foundation of who we are. When i come from a place of insecurity, I would look at other people as bad or cynical all the time. In reality it was me that needed changing in my beliefs which in turn changes your perception.

    In the beginning of my healing I didnt believe TMS was true. But that was just a bad unbelief on my part and how I didnt think that could be possible because i never heard that before. Your body is stronger that you think. A lot of people are healing everyday so why not you. Those people who have the greatest hope will have the greatest influence. Dr Sarno gave me a greater hope to free me from the pain and the suffering that is running through this world now. A lot of you are already healed, just let go of your old paradigm of thinking and embrace a new one. I will leave some quotes below that are good not sure who they are from though. Hope this helps someone and know that this stuff works. Goodluck to you all, we are what we believe.

    "We don't go forward by looking backward. We aren't called to fix an old life but to find a new life."

    "Our hope levels are indicators of whether we are believing truth or lies."

    "A lot of what we call our 'personality' is really just bad belief."

    "Your past isn't your problem. Your current beliefs are"

    "Success isn't a place to reach, but a state of being."

    "How we feel about ourselves will strongly affect how we feel about others"

  2. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    Excellent Ryan

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