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Belief of Self Diagnosis

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ChapmanA, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. ChapmanA

    ChapmanA Newcomer

    I am at the crossroads of structural vs TMS. I do believe that I have TMS. Many manifestations of it over the past 10 years…acid reflux, plantar fasciitis, IBS, tinnitus, etc. The past year I had bulge/herniated disc for with for approx 4/5 weeks had mild sciatica then I tweaked back again at about 8 week mark and herniation ruptured at L5/S1 and lost ability to do heel raise. Within 3-4 months of losing function I regained ability and have maintained since to do heel raise and multiple at that on single leg.
    All the while I only experienced pain for first 24 hrs after the ruptured disc. Started a short cycle of steroids after first 24 hours. Fast forward to now which I have been completely pain free until woke up beginning Dec and mild sciatica returned. Another note is prior to Dec I had had about month or so of just tired/fatigue no matter what I did. Couldn’t shake it. Back to sciatica at begin of Dec, is it progressed to more intensity over a couple weeks until I was unable to stand or walk for any length of time. Felt massive thump in foot and upper buttock. Saw PT and he was thought my SI joint was causing issues so did a SI joint manipulation and let’s say spent 2-3 days on the floor with much pain after that visit. The pain subsided enough to at least not lay all day on floor. Then went back for a dry needle session about 10 days later and that put me back on the floor for 2-3 days. Dry needled right at top of si joint (which happens to be where S1 nerve comes out)
    Did a short cycle of steroids and got back up but was really intense. Felt as if my entire body was a tank of tension. Super super tight. Decided to go to See specialist and ordered MRI. Results received this week show L5/S1 still herniated but has grown in size. My symptoms remain to be associated with S1 nerve and it corresponds to my outer foot numbness and sciatic pain along L side. A note is that I have not lost any function and I have no muscle weakness. (Slight reflex in L ankle but was completely gone at the beginning of the year so it actually slightly returned). I do not live in an area where a TMS doctor is close in distance so hard to receive that diagnosis. Here’s the kicker when the Dr called to discuss MRI there was discussion of shot and then “may want to consider surgery” comment.
    I am highly skeptical that is my answer:…just stuck in that is really structural or TMS now since symptoms align with impingement?
    Another bit of note…moved within past 2 years to somewhere we have found little joy, while renovating a home and building an addition (only to dried in stage now), and of course doing majority of school work with my lil ones due to virus.
    Our brains do have the ability to make everything appear structural to not be exposed as TMS correct?
    I will say that since reading Sarno HBP and Divided mind some symptoms have reduced just not to point I am operating as needed.
    Anyone out there have physical symptoms line up but it was your unconscious doing it to keep you distracted from that emotional pain?
  2. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    That sounds challenging. And remember that children can create enormous amount of repressed rage (since your consciousness will not find it safe to be that angry with your kids). Having kids is fantastic, but severely limit the ability to get your own needs met. This is fine as long as you are facing the emotion and not repressing it. And by facing I don't mean scream at your family all the time, I mean allow yourself to feel it inside and maybe journal about it.

    For me it was equally important to face my emotions, change how I treat myself etc. as it was to read the books. All of it was important pieces.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted!
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