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Day 1 Beginning the Program

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mulwoodscribe, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. mulwoodscribe

    mulwoodscribe Newcomer

    I am fortunate to not have the kind of pain that so many TMS sufferers do. My problem is one that I have only recently discovered is TMS-related: I have an overactive bladder. I get up to urinate as many as 10 times per night. This has resulted in lack of sleep, incomplete dreams, dreamless sleep, terrible fatigue, and depression. I have been on anti-depressants for eight years yet I continue to suffer from depression. It was only recently that I realized that poor sleep may be responsible. I've tried Valerian root and Melatonin, yet these substances make me groggy and dizzy in the morning and are not healthy for long-term use. My personality and problem-solving techniques are those of an avoider and it seems that my body may be using my bladder as a way of calling attention to situations in my life that need my resolution. Resolving TMS can allow me to sleep better, feel less depressed or even not depressed at all, have more energy to enjoy life, and do the work necessary for my personal fulfillment. I am exploring what these issues are - I have some ideas but am not comfortable revealing them here - and hope to do more of that in this Educational Program. I will do my best in this program to resolve my TMS. Wish me luck.
  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle


    Welcome to the Forum! I do wish you luck, but luck isn't necessary to be successful in overcoming TMS. The techniques for healing TMS that you will find on the tmswiki work, lucky or not. But the work does require patience and persistence, so that is mostly what I wish for you. Keep us posted on how you are doing and feel free to ask questions at any time along the way.
  3. mulwoodscribe

    mulwoodscribe Newcomer

    Thank you, Ellen. I guess my last line should have said, "Wish me courage."

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