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Be the tortoise, not the hare

Discussion in 'Alan Gordon TMS Recovery Program' started by Forest, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    One of the most important things for all of us to do is to recognize when our perfectionistic personality is coming out. Our personality makes us strive to be the best and achieve everything right now. We want to recover right away, and be the perfect example of the TMS approach.

    But when we do this, when we push ourselves to do everything exactly right, we create an immense amount of pressure and tension inside of us. TMS feeds on this pressure and tension. To heal, you must reduce this pressure, by taking a relaxed and patient approach. Do not worry about what how much you have reduced your symptoms. If that is your focus, you are still thinking physically. Take your recovery one day at a time, and do not compare your progress to what it was like yesterday or last week, or to someone else.

    Progress is not measure by your level of pain. It is measured by how little you care about the symptom.
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is such awesome advice forest. I remember the way I wanted to heal so badly so quick
    it threw me off course several times before I learned to let it come to pass on its on
    and stop trying to rush it. I went and worked out against the pain and that only made me hurt more.

    I then learned how to get to those uh- huh moments with practice and patience, then when the pain started to sub-side
    I started back on my exercise program.

    The Fear of hurting myself again with the exercises was overwhelming and as I continuously thought emotional
    conflict and what would be causing it I had this release of tension in my body. With that tension release
    I started to really learn that I was in control and the fear started to vanquish with each tension release from thinking psychological
    and of course doing the 12 daily reminders from Dr. Sarnos healing back Pain book, p.82

    The impatience was really holding me back and when I understood that if I just did the work
    my time would eventually come. Then as the weeks turned into months I started to heal and heal
    till one day I set and thought I do have the power to control this tension. Now I can keep going and
    heal all the way, that was part of my ultimate uh- huh moment. The night I thought about the pain release and it
    just released. Talk about a man full of magic, brother it was a magical night ill never forget.

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