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Bad struggle with TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Jane.Fearless, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Jane.Fearless

    Jane.Fearless New Member

    I have some deep struggle and I hope you guys maybe can help me.

    I suffer from Pgad since dec 2019 and one week ago I figure out that I am pregnant it was not planed but it’s welcome.

    Now I have the feeling I have NOW to figure out what is going on with me, I want to enjoy my pregnancy and being a good mom - I feel a big pressure on me.

    My biggest struggle is that Doctors, researchers and Co are not sure where pgad is came from.

    There are many theories about physical issues like Tarlov cysts or permanent damage from antidepressants etc.

    And there are many theories that it’s a psychological issue.

    But nobody in these f*cking world now exactly where it came from or what’s the cause because in many cases they don’t find any physical abnormality or one abnormality that every person with pgad have.
    Somebody experience spontaneous orgasms
    Somebody have only a unwelcome arousal
    Somebody have it 24/7
    Somebody have it only on episodes
    ... it’s very individual and the medicinal world don’t know much about it, it starts that many „normal“ doctors don’t know what PGAD is ...

    This is driving me so hard nuts !

    At the one hand all these factors give me the really hard feeling that it’s TMS in every person that experience these symptoms.

    Ar the other hand it scares me to death that nobody know exactly what this is...

    Can it be a physical thing and also a TMS thing or is it always physical or always TMS ? <<<< when I had this answer I would be much more positive and happy !!!

    I am so sorry for such a negative post but these are my worries from the beginning and since I know that I am pregnant I want the answer more then ever !

    I have the feeling that I need this answer now because now I have a timeline in my life because there is a little baby in exact this area which make so much trouble in my life
  2. If 6 was 9

    If 6 was 9 Peer Supporter

    Hi Jane.Fearless,
    that sounds really tough, I can imagine how frustrating, annoying and probably scary that may seem right now.
    I have to admit I hadn’t heard of that condition before and went and read an online research paper to find out more.
    One of the ideas they posed in the research paper I saw was whether women who experienced this condition were particularly sensitive about subtle changes to their body. I wondered whether you could be a highly sensitive person (HSP) which is an emerging concept in psychology - basically someone with an innate extra sensitivity to lots of different physical and emotional stimulation. I’ve only learnt recently that I’m one of these people (I’m a man and it affects women and men equally) and I think it may be quite common for people who have TMS related symptoms.
    There’s a simple online test you can to to work out whether you’re an HSP. https://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/ (Are You Highly Sensitive? – The Highly Sensitive Person)
    You may as was well check and rule it in or out? And if you do seem to lean towards being HSP, it could provide you with a clue.
    I hope that’s of some help to you.
    Oh as for your question about whether it can be a physical thing and a TMS thing or only all one or the other, without being an expert I would say yes it could be a mix of both. Physical in that it could involve triggered neural pathways and TMS in that these triggers could be psychological in nature - Eg. not feeling safe, and maybe the Pgad is a protective response that has somehow been tripped to repeat itself. Maybe keep an open mind about it’s possible causes and see if you can notice patterns to its occurrence - what’s going on in your life at the time etc.
    Good luck and hope you make headway with this!
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Memo to the community: this is a 3-year old thread with no activity since 2020. The same information above was posted today in a new thread so please don't comment here. Just trying to keep posts from getting scattered and old ones unnecessarily revived.

    (later edit: poster decided to delete)
  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    We don't delete old threads - they often contain information that is valuable for new members to read. I just wanted to point out that you had posted the same exact information in three different places, and that comments by others should be directed to the new thread so that any discussion will be in one place, not scattered around. I've seen that happen and it ends up being confusing.

    This doesn't mean that people should never post to an old thread, but a good way to do that is to start by saying "I realize this is an old thread..."
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