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Day 3 Back to Exercise

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by gry0, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. gry0

    gry0 Newcomer

    Onto day 3! Yesterday I committed to getting back to activity. I actually stopped going to the gym/martial arts class due to a wrist sprain that I suffered in martial arts several months ago. It turns out that I have a couple of ganglion cysts in my wrist according to the orthopedist. This was unrelated to the chronic pain & tightness that I've suffered from for the past 7-8 years in my left low back/psoas. I'm pretty sure the wrist isn't TMS, which makes things confusing. I also believe that one of my shoulders is not due to TMS either, but I'm not sure. It's making things quite confusing.

    The reason I don't think my shoulder is not TMS is because I went to an orthopedist for it last year. He found some minor damage to the labrum, and said he would perform surgery if I thought I couldn't handle the pain. It's usually fine - maybe a little achey. Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, I committed yesterday to going to my first yoga class this morning. I loved it, and didn't have any pain in my low back/psoas, but I did tweak my shoulder when I put my arms behind my back. It's still sore and doesn't feel "TMS-y", if you know what I mean. Does anyone have experience with having actual structural injuries in conjunction with TMS pain? Is this going to make things a lot tougher to figure out?

    The wiki obviously says to rule out serious structural problems beforehand, but I kind of did that, and surgery was optional. So I'm definitely confused at this point.

    Other than that, I'm extremely happy about getting back into physical activity, and loved yoga. Think I'll stick with it (and I know that it won't cure my TMS symptoms, but I like how it could potentially make me a little more flexible to improve movement in other physical activities - primarily martial arts since I'm pretty inflexible).
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, gry0. I don't think you need surgery, but I'm not a doctor, just someone who healed from severe back pain through TMS.
    You do, however, need to think your pain is TMS, 100 percent. Yoga and physical activity are great for healing, so long as you believe
    the symptoms are totally TMS. Keep up the yoga and the martial arts but remember not to overdo it.

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