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Back pain is back!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by heidicat27, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. heidicat27

    heidicat27 New Member

    I haven't been here in a while. I previously had sciatic, back pain, piriformis syndrome, etc and struggled with it for years. It finally went away last year and the shoulder started acting up. Well, that finally resolved and I've been doing really well for the last 4 months. Until Sunday.

    I'm trying to start running again and I think my mind just knows that I'm scared of my sciatica/back pain coming back. I jogged a few days last week and it's back. For the first time in a year, all of those awful lower back pains are back.

    I guess I'll be reading up, doing my mental exercises, etc. And running. I won't let this deter me! Wish me luck!
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  2. Jimnat7

    Jimnat7 Peer Supporter

    Just keep running. Dont give in. The back pain wants to intimidate you. Keep running, keep reading and keep staying positive.
  3. heidicat27

    heidicat27 New Member

    So I didn't go for my intended run outside (it was 90 degrees out), but I went to my gym early and ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 16 minutes. Then I took a cross training class and then a Krav Maga class. I went through it ALL with no issues. I'm laying here in bed with some tightness in my ankles, knees, hamstrings (you know, that typical sciatica tightness) but I can't help but laugh. If this was a real injury, I wouldn't have been able do go through 2 solid hours of running, lifting weights, grappling, etc.

    Man, the mind is strange.
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  4. Jimnat7

    Jimnat7 Peer Supporter

    2 hours of exercise with little or no pain proves this is tms and not structural. Don't be intimidated. Just run and enjoy. Running helps bloodflow so it should help with tms.
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  5. limitless

    limitless Newcomer

    I talked about this in another thread. It looks like it is a pattern that whenever you want to go back to the 'joyful activity' it strikes back.

    I believe it's the 'old things/activities' which we abstain from that act like a trigger.
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  6. heidicat27

    heidicat27 New Member

    I think you're totally correct! I've actually gotten to the point where I'm afraid to start up my favorite activities like running and backpacking because I know the TMS will come back. And even though I know there's nothing structurally wrong with me during these episodes, it turns what is supposed to be a joyous activity into nothing but stress. My back episode from last week has pretty much gone away, but I haven't been running because now I have what feels like shin splints. I'm going to give it another week of alternative activities but I'm really worries that this is going to turn into another form of TMS.
  7. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oh my, @heidicat27, listen to yourself!

    The entire goal of this work is to get over being a victim of the TMS mechanism!

    "this" is only going to turn into another form of TMS if you let it.

    What we call TMS (in honor of Dr Sarno) is a normal protective brain process which has gone into overdrive in our modern lives. It is NOT a "get cured and be done" process!

    You need to learn how to hear your negative fearful messages (and sorry, but they are rather blindingly obvious to anyone reading these posts :eek:) and figure out how to fight back against them.

    This is something that you have to incorporate into your everyday life and thoughts, and keep practicing it until it is automatic.

    Go back to the writing exercises in the SEP , and get out your pen and paper. It's time to get your latest repressed emotions out on paper. They don't have to be deep or dark, but you might be surprised at the shallow issues or incidents that your brain thinks it needs to prevent you from thinking about. I speak from personal and recent experience!

    Get the repressed emotions out in the open, teach your negative brain how to calm down, and get on with your life.

    For inspiration and guidance in this process, check out @Nicole J. Sachs LCSW.

    Good luck!
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  8. limitless

    limitless Newcomer

    I almost have the same story. I had back pain and beat it. As it never went away completely I started to learn about TMS. Few months ago the pain went away completely.

    I started to change my life and started jogging several times a week. After a while my sheen and ankle started to hurt.
    At one point I decided to finally take care of all those things. I used a BlackRoll to massage the muscles. Few days later I lifted a very heavy desk. That's where everything started to come back much stronger and more painful.

    Due the pain I stopped jogging and I realized that the underlying thoughts I had about this activity were still fearful/careful when I started it again.

    The tension in the body about this activity is so high that the sheen and ankle began to get sore.

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