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Article on chronic pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by yb44, May 11, 2022.

  1. yb44

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  2. Duggit

    Duggit Well known member

    At one point the article states:

    "Jen Proudler says chronic pain has left her grieving for 'the person she was.'. It started four years ago with sporadic back pain, which she managed with the help of hot baths and paracetamol. Now she relies on opioid patches, anti-inflammatories, nerve pain medications and beta-blockers just to get through the day. 'It has flipped everything upside down,' she says. 'I feel I've lost every part of my life. I've lost me.’
    It is too bad she is unacquainted with the Flippin’ Pain public education program in England, the purpose of which is to “flip” a person’s understanding of her (or his) chronic pain in ways that will enable recovery. The website introduction to the program is at https://www.flippinpain.co.uk/ (Home - Flippin' Pain) and the link there to the video “Rethinking Pain: New Understanding & New Possibilities” is just the first of several available on flipping one’s understanding of chronic pain.
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