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Day 11 Armchair Linguist's Success Story

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by cindy, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. cindy

    cindy New Member

    I can relate to this success story. We share two key things in common: an RSI diagnosis, and an onset of symptoms in college.

    The truth is that I had hints of symptoms back in high school when I experienced IBS-related issues during extremely emotionally stressful times. But late in my sophomore year of college, I began getting persistent yeast infections for no particular reason. They would happen every month like clockwork, and did not respond to any type of treatment. I often found that I would be hit particularly badly after I had been intimate with a guy (In 2010, I finally had a boyfriend to whom I had no adverse 'reaction'. No pain, no yeast infections. I realized that there was a common thread between the guys who 'set me off' and the ones who didn't, and it was related to sexual attraction. The guys who I really, genuinely wanted to be with would never cause this reaction. Everybody else would).

    These yeast infections persisted until the beginning of my senior year of college, at which point they stopped and I found myself newly and permanently afflicted with wrist pain. This came at a time when I was feeling very bitter from a breakup (oddly enough, with a guy who I blamed for giving me particularly terrible yeast infections - i never made the connection with the symptom shift before) and uncertain about what I wanted to do at the end of the year. The pain never got better and, like my yeast infections, never responded to treatment. Two and a half years later, in spring 2012, both my arms were in unmanageable pain. I believe that I was let go from a job a really enjoyed because it was clear to everybody that my hands couldn't handle the typing work. I too am a heavy computer user and have been my entire life. I also pay my bills as a writer. This is particularly problematic.

    But, as I have mentioned in previous posts, progress is encouraging. I have been typing for at least a half hour each day, whereas before I could barely go five minutes without beginning to flare up.
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