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are my symptoms tms-symtoms?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by fleeze, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. fleeze

    fleeze New Member

    In the last months I have been experiencing a number of symptoms alternating, just to list a few: feeling of difficulty in breathing, reflux, nausea (specially after a meal) feeling of fullness, heavy stomach, chest-pains and tightness of chest. The doctors call this functional dyspepsia i.e. since i have made all sorts of blood tests and also a scope into the esophagus, an x-ray of my lungs and also checked out my heart with all normal results, the doctors say its a virus which blocks the entire digestive system and all my symptoms follow from that. They agree though that stress and so on may make it worse.

    I have read two of dr. Sarno's books and have searched the tmswiki site and have been working on tms for 2-3 weeks with poor success. One of my problems is that I have seen a very poor amount of reading material on my symptoms which obviously creates some sort of doubt within me whether I really have tms.

    If anybody could be helpful It would be greatly appreciated
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    If it helps my main problem was fibromyalgia - for many years. The TMS work has helped that immensely. But I have suffered extreme indigestion in episodes - which I put down to the food, or not chewing enough etc. Recently my husband went away to work and I was quite distraught at the notion of not seeing him for 6 weeks - and guess what, I got severe indigestion for days! I thought I was having a heart attack - it was awful. Then I realised whilst journaling - I cannot 'digest' the idea of my husband going away (I have problems around abandonment!) I cannot 'swallow' or 'stomach' not seeing him for so long! As soon as I realised this - all the symptoms went. I haven't had any indigestion since! I get a heavy oppressive feeling in my chest - only at night, I believe this is anxiety as well. It is harder to shift, but I am 'calling it out' every night and things are slowly getting better.
    So I would get journaling if I were you - look at your life and your emotions, your 'triggers' your past. Work out what could cause this sort of symptom - anything you feel you 'cannot stomach' or makes you sick to your stomach, something that smothers you or scares you, maybe something that cuts to your heart? I find that the body can be SO literal when symptoms arise - its like it is giving us clues so that we can find what is bugging us so much...
    I hope you find whatever it is and that you can deal with it and get rid of the symptoms.
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  3. Rinkey

    Rinkey Peer Supporter

    Did you say nausea? I had a relapse a few months ago and that was the new symptom imperative for me.

    I'd been under a lot of stress and anxiety with issues with an elderly ill father and after about a yr and a half of that, the tms tried 'acid reflux' out on me but since I'd had that before and knew what it was all about it was sooooo clever it switched over to this scary nausea thing.
    Luckily after several medical tests and scans, etc when I was told I had 'chronic nausea' (read that with a white coat nasally doctors voice who's in too much hurry to explain anything else) and told to go have tests at a gastroenterologist.... that's when the bells went off and I realized WAIT!!!!! This is TMS!!!!!!

    I pulled my Sarno books off the shelves and started reading and journaling and also started reading Steve Ozanich's "The Great Pain Deception". In his book in the Appendix A: TMS Equivalents he lists nausea (and reflux) as one of them- "frequently this is a result of TMS and a distraction". I can't agree more!
    So, now after about 3 months have it calmed 95% of the time.
    The real kicker and killer of any doubts was going on holiday for two weeks and being perfectly fine 100% of the time.

    Since you've been tested and things are okay physically maybe that will stop the doubt.
    Give yourself some more time and keep reading/journalling/exercising etc.
    I hope this helps.
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