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Aortic Stenosis

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by newarrior, May 12, 2019.

  1. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    I th0ught I had mitral valve prolapse--always told benign

    Today told I have aortic stenosis--that my aortic valve is calficifying/narrowing....That my valve looks that of someone 5-15 years older..Put on beta blockers and told to watch and wait

    They said I have degenerative valve disease

    Dreading the day when I will have to get valve replaced or stretched out

    Meanwhile worried about side effects of beta blocker and deterioration of the valve

    Ironically I passed the treadmill, EKG and chest x ray with flying colors...Weight is good, exercise daily, diet good, blood pressure low, take my blood pressure meds daily for 8 years.Trigyclerides and A1c good..

    None of this sounds like TMS

    I feel like at 56 my life is over
  2. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Hi Dave, (a young man:)) I tried to post this privately but could not..

    Your Aortic Stenosis does not sound like a TMS question to me. My wife and I are originally from the UK and I live in Newbury Park near LA, and are both in our 70's. As we have aged we have dealt with the difficulties of discerning what is or not a TMS issue many times over. Since most people here are much younger, I am drifting away from posting these days, as I have sometimes very alternate views and a different set of personal TMS rules.

    However a friend of mine a statistician used to work for Baxter who make heart valves. About 15 years ago he actually had one of his own replaced. He ended up becoming a spokesperson for that company. Since he did the actual statistics on the very same valve he had inside him, I consider him an expert. On a recent visit he mentioned the same valve replacement surgery had advanced considerably, he added that his needed replacing and he was waiting for the FDA to approve this new method. This is good news since the first one was performed through the chest cavity and the new one through the groin blood vessel. It is called a "transcatheter aortic valve replacement" and may now be a current surgery. I have no clue as to whether this is the same as yours.

    I have read most of your posts and not to offend, you seem to be out on a limb in a foreign country away from decent healthcare. My wife has had two full knee replacements and a stroke last year, she would not be alive if it was not for the doctors and TPA drug that saved her life. A somewhat opposing opinion to most TMS posters, hence this message under cover.

    If I can be of further help, feel free to ask.

    Regards Andrew
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  3. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    Andrew - agree with everything and thanks...I live in Thailand--no health insurance here or in the USA where I don't have anything..Considering moving back to the states where medical care is better and I can get health insurance...Health insurance here excludes pre existing conditions
  4. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    "I have read most of your posts and not to offend, you seem to be out on a limb in a foreign country away from decent healthcare"..the healthcare is actually pretty good here and cheap.. You be suprised at how many older and middle aged 1st world expats there are here...the idea of starting from zero at age 56 is scary....I am single, unmarried, no family, parents dead, no girlfriend, never had a career, have no home in the USA, no health insurance...Scary --feel stuck
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  5. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    Have you lived overseas ? Thailand ? The healthcare is good but medical insurance can and will exclude for pre existing conditions...Most people do pay as you go but my new diagnosis gives me pause as were I to need intervention for AS, have a major health scare, heart attack etc etc I'd have to pay cash
  6. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    Anyhow I am in a bad way--no home, no career, no pension, health issues, single, unmarried, no kids, live overseas--basically nothing working--I have nothing in USA--no doctor, no psychologist, no car, no health insurance, no dentist either--terrifying
  7. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    I stand corrected. I actually came upstairs to replace the word "decent" with "available". I saw a program about how people were travelling there to have major surgeries from the States to the World hospital. They even had US doctors travelling there.The US insurance companies were only too willing to pay. I have not lived overseas since the 60's in Libya. I love it here, there is still opportunity, my three sons are carving themselves a future. Healthcare is a basic need for all, "pre existing conditions" should be outlawed. Have you any credits towards S/S and Medicare, I think you need 40 quarters?
  8. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    I do not have children..I do have a wife or girlfriend..I do not live in the USA....I am working on getting disability...I am NOT retired..I do not have a career..I do not have any medical insurance..I do not have a home in the USA.. I am very alone and frightened
  9. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    I live in Thailand not America--big difference...
  10. newarrior

    newarrior Peer Supporter

    I am now 61 will look at getting social security in 2025 and medicare in 2028...How are you ?
  11. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Sounds like you are living in the USA, I am confused. In any event I would encourage you to seek out Medicaid and have that valve taken care of. 2028 is four years away much too long to wing a heart issue.
    I have had a profound shock over the last two years with my own heart. I considered myself very healthy for my age, I am 76, but two years ogo I started having issues. I had a pacemaker last September. I was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome with an overabundance of PVS.
    My pacemaker takes care of the Sick Sinus and I take a Beta Blocker to slow down the PVC's. The PVC's medication has no effect or side issues. You ask me how I am doing? Very well, I am still windsurfing. good luck...

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